2. Torey Pudwill, “Dudes Dudes Dudes”

If you would have told me a year or two back that Torey Jamison Pudwill, Valley boy of the flappy arms and unlikely name, would manage one of the better video parts of this year… well I’m not sure what I would have said. Probably I would have made a guttural/gurgling sound expressing general disbelief and disdain for the self-styled future teller. But as it turns out I would have been better off directing said gurgling sounds toward my own self in anger and shame, as this Pudwill section from the DVS promo last summer still possesses a certain wow factor* months later, packed as it is with unguessable trick combos and those off-kilter landings. Damned if they haven’t grown on me, somehow. Pudwill cracks tricks high, sits on feeble grinds and bounds out of nosegrinds, nollies over rails into manuals down banks. He skates fast. He executes crane style on the humongous backside kickflip photo in the new Skateboard Mag. And have you seen this new Venture ad? Insert gurgling sound of your choosing.

*Closely related to the Now factor, as in “Now that’s what I call music Vol. 29”

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9 Responses to “2. Torey Pudwill, “Dudes Dudes Dudes””

  1. Captain planet Says:

    Frame nine of that Venture ad is the sickest frame. Definitely giving it one-hundred and ten percent in his skating.

  2. mort goldman Says:

    soooo…. when are you gonna debut number 1? we already know it’s the carve race part from Beauty and the Beast

  3. paulo Says:

    so, he is got a black penis? that should be a hugh one…

    i love black cock!

  4. theProgram Says:

    Don’t you think it’s odd that he hasn’t gotten flamed for the “black from the waist down” comment? While it’s certainly not Duffel-esque, it does seem to be carrying a bit of racism in the back pocket.

    That being said, I basically fully agree with your synopsis of the part, as well as its ranking on your list, but I admittedly find myself saying “so what” anytime I come across photos of the guy because I have a hard time dealing with his last name. And first, for that matter.

    • sleezy bone Says:

      well, when you have a shocktop, an almost pedophiliac ove for street grabs to rails, and a stanley kubrick sised chip on your shoulder, referring to stevie williams as a trashy nigger seems like a worse career move than referring to your penis as being big using racial stereotypes. JUST SaYIN. BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS

    • nando Says:

      if i’m not mistaken, they ask him to clarify what he meant about the black from the waist down comment in that interview and he responds “because i can jump really high”… after typing that out, i’m not even sure anymore.

  5. sleezy bone Says:

    i meant to say love after i said pedophilic. I’m drunk

  6. sleezy bone Says:

    but i will agree sir, that his last name is not conducive to seriousness.

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