1. Antwuan Dixon, “Baker Deathwish”

Much has been said about Antwuan Dixon keeping skating “dangerous,” being the new Sean Sheffey, his poor luck with the law, his alternative lifestyle choices and so on. And these are all good points, especially as we gird ourselves for a generation of freshly scrubbed Zac Efron-styled park-bred trophy hunters. Without engaging in too much vicarious skatepark brawling or face tat exploitation (though they are amazing) it’s a relief to know there are top-flight working professionals who aggressively don’t give a shit, whereas peers call their sponsors to yank magazine interviews or complain that they aren’t getting their due adoration from the skateboarding public. Antwuan Dixon is out there laughing and erupting, wearing taco hats and skating like pretty much nobody else at all, flicking fakie flips like Kalis, catching half-cab flips the way he does, doing a massive switch frontside flip that looks like a switch frontside flip but not shitty. If that makes sense. Of course it’s part of the Baker genius that he’s able to parlay 2.5 minutes of footage into a five-minute closer section, complete with ice cream sandwich interlude and Red Lobster-ready theme song, but to me this was hands-down my favorite video part all year.

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24 Responses to “1. Antwuan Dixon, “Baker Deathwish””

  1. -kw Says:


  2. Rocuronium Says:

    Point taken about his punkitude and mad talent. But as a video part I found it boring to painful in so many ways: clippy, mostly filmed at 4 spots, just a catalog of hammers, that horrible nauseating backlit low tilted-up angle, stuffed full of second angles and slow-mo.
    Plus, the ender stuff, though funny, wasn’t really part of his video part…

    From an entertainment and technical standpoint the Durante and JJohnson video parts were so much better. Not to mention the originality of the tricks & lines & spots (more wilshire steps, really?).

    ….but since any top 10 list is open to argument I will argue that a raw lifestyle (not included in video (brawl, tatooing, “coke”, jails) and great skills (equal to Cole’s and others) does not make the best video part of the year.

    Who cares….. I’ve enjoyed following the countdown and the always smart writing… and no matter what order I’m glad I got to see those.
    Any hint of which skater got his mag interview pulled or went bitching that he was not popular enough?

  3. theProgram Says:

    the biggie track made me like this kid’s skating…not gonna lie about that. i think that the part as a whole, however, got a boost from the general outstanding nature of the rest of the video, and had it not served as the culmination of said outstandingness, would’ve been quickly glanced over by most of in the skateboarding masses. i see why you’ve picked it as number one (surely it had nothing to do with DLXSF.com “sweating” you and antwuan’s spitfire endorsements, right?) but i feel that you’ve given this part too much credit. there are others on your list that could easily rank higher than this.

    that being said, the deathwish video would absolutely be my pick for number one of 2008.

  4. tpz Says:

    ‘the program’

    that’s andy collins, right?

  5. tpz Says:

    woah, is antwuan wearing one of those #2 eraser metal receptacles/earlobe pinchers that dean stockwell pioneered in ‘blue velvet’?

    it genuinely makes up for all of the ’99 koston trick selection trickle down

  6. Watson Says:

    Holy fuck those tattoos are fucking insane. Seriously, this shit is crazy.

  7. ed die Says:

    do you get photo incentive for tattoos of your sponsors?

    youwillsoon ear tat?

  8. charleston, SC Says:

    I cant get down with a completely transitionless part. Dont forget the coke charges too. It was weed, coke AND swinging at cops.

  9. Sean Says:

    charleston, look no further than his belly for “transition”.

  10. tim Says:

    probably the only person i’ve ever seen that can properly nollie varial heel down a large set. everyone else looks like they just fall on the trick.

  11. Steve Says:

    I agree with most of the stuff on this list, but I think that Cody McEntire’s part in Smoke and Mirrors deserves a mention. The kid nollie big heel’d carlsbad for goodness sake.

  12. Chris Says:

    OVER-RATED. Period. Face tats and jail time does not equal skill and staying power. He’s simply not good enough. Sure, he’s a solid edition (aka the hardcore hip-hop guy) to a team of glam rockers, pretty boys with face tattoos and trend riders…but that doesn’t make his skating improve.

    And to anyone who says he’s the next Sheffey, that’s just laughable. The power, skill and originally he had off and, more importantly, on the board was impossible to over look. He didn’t need prison tattoos and famous hip-hop tracks to be noticed…

    • sleezy bone Says:

      since when did staying power matter in skating? anything more than five minutes of fame, much less than the recommended Warhol fifteen, is regrettable in skating. Skatings short memory is one of he best parts of it. If yo you want longevity go watch another gino puleo bumfuck part of nothing but donnie darko cellar doors and two -inch nosegrinds next to young joc

  13. CtotheJL | Street, Fashion, Culture, Online Lifestyle Magazine | » Antwuan Dixon Wins Best Video Part Of 2008 Says:

    […] Info: Boil the Ocean […]

  14. tpz Says:

    alot of really stupid people comment on skate blogs huh

  15. big dick cheney Says:


  16. theProgram Says:

    TPZ, yes, this is andy collins. do we know one another?

  17. Vitis Says:

    Rocuronium, what are you implying by putting coke in quotes? Like Antwuan Dixon DIDN’T get arrested on (among others) cocaine charges? Cuz it happened. I like skaters who fuck with that, because most are such prudes about it. It’s refreshing. i guess.

    And Twuan is the fucking truth. He does tech-ass tricks at 100 mph down huge expanses. So all you haters can eat a butt.

  18. Antwuan Dixon Wins Best Video Part Of 2008 | Uristocrat Says:

    […] Info: Boil the Ocean […]

  19. Pump Action Retard Says:

    huge expanses…..

  20. Villa Says:

    i find it completely fucking lame of these streetwear websites to repost someone else’s blogpost , and even worse when they repost a repost from a third party. Its like “hey, we have nothing original to write so here is what someone else says”. but hey, maybe thats just me.

  21. Mike Says:

    Hey Sean… look closer, it’s Transitions…. City of Carson sucka! Rider for life!

  22. sleezy bone Says:

    does anyone here realise that the merit in this man’s skating is his nearly radioactive levels of smoka-sacness

  23. lauderdale Says:

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