Loose Ends

Looking at my little list the past few days, I guess my New Year’s resolution oughtta be to check out more Euros and transition skating. Other notables:

Honorable mentions
Kurt Winter, “Smoke & Mirrors”
Josh Dowd, “Last of the Mohicans”
Bryan Herman, “Baker Deathwish”
Brian “Slash” Hansen, “Ride the Sky”
Purple drank section, “It’s Fern”
Seb Labbe, “Lo Def”
Pat Gallaher, “Boondoggle”
Pete Eldridge, Mystery promo
Bay Kempthorne, “Alumnation”

“Last of the Mohicans”
Overall Joe Perrin’s greasy combo of Florida haze, decrepit spots and a lineup of underground all-stars was probably the most-watched video by me personally this year: a frothy bucketful of Alex Davis kickflips, Jimmy Lannon nose manuals, Josh Dowd’s freaky wallrides, Ross Norman’s 90’sness and a cameo part by king dirt Danny Renaud, who slides one of the meanest backside noseblunts to fakie across one of those alphabet blocks in New York. I heard a rumor that he’s got fakie pop shove-its back already.
-You could order a copy of this video right now if you wanted.

Black Box productions
Jamie Thomas and the video guys over there in the San Diego hair metal palace deserve a thumbs-up for their no-bullshit approach to video editing, especially with Fallen shoes’ “Ride the Sky” – in a year with relatively few blockbuster skateboard videos they could have easily turned the drama up to 11, but kept it pretty mellow all things considered. Same for the slab of messageboard red meat that was the Pete Eldridge Mystery debut part. Refreshing.

in no particular order…
-Davis Torgerson, nollie frontside hurricane in “Boondoggle”
-Nick Trapasso, switch frontside heelflip in “And Now”
-Julien Stranger, nollie noseblunt in “Beauty & the Beast”
-Russ Milligan, switch kickflip backside 360 on flat (this might have been last year…)
-JR Blastoff
-Kellen James, cab backside tailslide bigspin
-Beagle, Maloof Money Cup
-Mike Carroll, Japan air in “Beauty n the Beast”
-Chris Cole, razorblade octopus in “Ride the Sky”
-Dylan Reider, backside nosegrind revert on AWS Filmworks
-One of the 1800 backside heelflips Theotis Beasley did this year
-Also, his Cam’ron sing-a-long

Beauty & the Beast
Easily one of the best tour videos of all time, which isn’t saying a whole lot, but stands well among the likes of Foundation’s “Barbarians at the Gate”, Big Brother’s “Shit” and the “Beware of the Flare”/”Harsh Euro Barge” Ty Evans tour pack. Brian Anderson and Andrew Allen, Cardiel, Sean Malto’s switch backside lipslide

Darrell Stanton
Didn’t do a whole lot this year, but is generally slept on, and so I’m mentioning him for no particular reason.

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7 Responses to “Loose Ends”

  1. art hellman Says:

    JAPAN AIR your way into the New Year!

  2. Dong1 Says:

    Your lengthy bullshit is what makes this site worth it….

  3. theProgram Says:

    this post is pretty much spot on. i also feel like tyler surrey’s “recruit” clip from the berrics should be mentioned on here. the edit along with the best looking switch bs flip i’ve ever seen made for a heavy stoked factor.

  4. 1999 Says:

    Bay Kempthorne over Norris or Kopski?

  5. Captain planet Says:

    Best skate blog of 2008:
    Boil the Ocean

    Keep the lengthy bullshit comin please 🙂

  6. big dick cheney Says:

    no love for brad cromer?

  7. Souf Cracka Says:

    The raveonettes and dirt nasty? All the good bands must have been busy….

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