C’mon now

I mean, seriously…

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19 Responses to “C’mon now”

  1. Mike Says:

    Yeah I noticed…some Lindsay Lohan lookin’ type shit.

  2. theProgram Says:

    you thought it was a chick didn’t you? i did at first.

  3. excalibur Says:

    i jerked off to this photo no joke

  4. Eeen! Says:

    I prefer this one to the one where he is just sucking down a cigarette.

  5. adrian Says:


  6. Skate Nazi Says:

    OMG he’s like soooo brooding and mysterious.
    Right about now I’m thinking that little kid Osiris/Birdhouse Dylan Rieder wasn’t such a terrible look.

  7. Villa Says:

    so does this mean scarves will soon be replacing the tie dye and flannels of the skate world as hottest new thing to jump on…or maybe just a new accessory to add to it. Or better yet, a reversable flannel/tie dye scarf suitable for all occasions.

  8. Paul Says:

    I think we all forget that gravis is owned by snow-corp burton, making this perfectly normal as far as the sno-bro advertising template is concerned.

    As far as I know, Burton takes care of very little advertising inhouse, therefore the agency who put this together has no connection with the skateboarder, or the brand.

    Weak ace for sure.

  9. Mort Goldman Says:

    he looks so faggy…yet…i can’t…stop looking into his eyes…oh no! what’s happening to me! my peepee is tingling!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  10. Mo Says:

    Yo what the fuck is this? I thought this was some chick. Get a haircut. He looks just like Kirsten Stewart.

  11. Rocuronium Says:

    PedoTastic !

  12. Rikku Markka Says:

    When I saw this ad in the magazine, my first thought was, “Who’s this chick?”

    As far as ads go, there are some skaters who through their charisma and/or talent can get away with just a portrait. I don’t think Dylan Reider is there just yet.

    The one that springs to my mind is the Salman Agah Independent ad.

  13. pilot light Says:

    To be fair, Rikku Markka, the bedroom eyes are part of a six-page spread that includes a pretty ginormous switch ollie and fakie 360 flip.

  14. Old School Sammy Says:

    Most of the Pro Chicks (see: Elissa Steamer) wish they were as pretty as that little shower menace. Maybe you guys will hate on him enough to make him a new Shecks.

  15. art Says:


  16. Watson Says:

    I like how with the exception of the Antuwan post, this post has the most amount of comments on it even though it’s just a scan of an ad with 5 words (including the title).

    Anyway, if you get notices on any of these comments and are reading these, I’d like to interview you for YouWillSoon sort of like when I interviewed Police Informer.

    If you’re interested hit me up.

  17. Souf Cracka Says:

    Unfortunately, here’s how this will play out. He’s about to get a whirlwind of pussy which will elevate his status with his homies, fans and idiots. This will lead to a whirlwind of imitators and will soon be the new style. You cant stop it. Start growin your shit out now.

  18. e. Says:

    Yeah, I thought he was a chick at first too.

  19. Gravis Makes More Shoes No One Will Buy at Boardistan Says:

    […] Burton Corporation has been sinking money into for more than a decade, has released a shoe for the most beautiful boy in skateboarding and once again they’ve created something that no one will […]

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