Anthony Pappalardo, This Is Your Life

You went away but now you’re back

In the interest of full disclosure, I tended to roll my eyes when people told me how they teared up the first time they watched Guy Mariano’s part in the Lakai video, with the emo music and slow-mo door opening and all. Also, while I’m for sure a fan, I did not get particularly misty-eyed watching the later, more inspirational chapters of the John Cardiel “Epicly Later’d.” And even though I’m desperately going to miss it (and the Big Push which I meant to commentate on last year but got too lazy), my cheeks stayed dry as I accepted that Document magazine has indeed gone gently into that good night.

But goddammit all, if this Pappalardo “E L’d” turns into a mumbly bro-huggin’ reunion between APO and Brian Wenning, well, I don’t know.

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4 Responses to “Anthony Pappalardo, This Is Your Life”

  1. Watson Says:

    Not gonna happen.

    But how fuckin rad was it seeing Rob Pluhowski again?

  2. carbonite Says:



  3. Stu Says:

    Wenning is too overweight now for me to tear up. Also, stop fucking talking about Seaport all the time, that spot smelled terrible and your board could slip into the East River at any given time.

    And the Pulhowski sighting was very exciting for me. Should I start commenting the same things on your blog and the GP?

  4. DOUGHBOY Says:

    Im hoping that these episodes will shed some light on what happened to that pat coccoran kid. Dude seemingly fell straight off the face of the earth.

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