Internet-focused Web site BoingBoing today brings us this lazy susan-style concept table from Studio Mauerer Hendrichs, which incorporates basic skateboard technology to more easily facilitate remote control grabbing, or drink spilling for the more enthusiastic table-spinners amongst us. Available to you in German oak or wal-nut; I assume you’d also have the option of swapping out the plane-jane truck/wheel combo for a jazzier setup. Like maybe those powder blue Krux with Louie Barletta screaming, and some Hubba wheels. Swiss bearings to up the revolving suspense during those spin-the-table games on sultry summer nights.

First… would this table even work? Looking at it, I would think that the trucks would have to be tilted slightly toward the center of the table to make it so the glass disc spins like it’s supposed to. And the bottom of the table might have to be sort of convex.

Second, is the $1795 price tag way too low for this level of staggering innovation?

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7 Responses to “LSMF”

  1. daien Says:

    I also saw a chair made of skateboard deck and it looks better than this simple table.
    except if you put Hubba’s and Krux !!

  2. kyle Says:

    yeah im pretty sure that you would need some pole or soemthing in the middle or it wouldn’t stay.

  3. Paul Says:

    This is a joke. Lump it into the same category as the Sole Technology owner’s bunk ass overpriced design. It’s skateboard parts people. Shit ain’t expensive. If it does somehow work, then great, but who in their right mind can justify paying so much for so little.

  4. Chris Says:

    It either wouldn’t spin OR spin WAY too much…unless the bearings we’re made to be quite slow.

    In any case, the cost is insane. Shit, I’m guessing you could make this yourself for less than 200 bucks. Trucks, wheels and few 2 x 4s and a get a glass place to cut a circle for you. Big deal.

  5. sean Says:

    There’s not even a center point connected to the legs, it wouldn’t spin very well. I’d guess it’s like most tables like this where they glass is heavy enough that it doesn’t move.

  6. Mort Goldman Says:

    Boy, I wouldn’t want to get a flatspot on that thing…


  7. Watson Says:

    Holy fuck, who COULDN’T build that thing?!

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