Street Levitation

Enjoy harsh surfaces

The other weekend I was chopping it up with a bro of mine who out of nowhere brazenly declared John Rattray’s “Waiting For the World” video part to be in the top ten video parts of all time. Which I sort of disagreed with, not because it isn’t an amazing part or anything but more like, well, ten parts of all time? From there the conversation meandered toward what parts could be agreed upon (Pat Duffy in “Questionable,” Guy Mariano “Mouse,” Mike Carroll in something or other, not much else) and eventually the debate dissolved back into the session. But shortly thereafter I web-browsered my way onto the Blueprint site where they’d put up a set of photos from the WFTW era.

The John Rattray part in question:

Having not watched it for a couple years, what hits me is not how well the overwrought Brit-pop and Hawaiian shirts have aged (fine wine, cheese), but that this to me will always be the greatest Rattray part, due to any number of intangible factors. Mostly how fast he skates, the b/s tail shove-it, the little carve out of the frontside-floating nollie heelflip in the last line. And that thing he does where he sort of brings his hands up when he lands tricks (see kickflip b/s 50-50 on the rail). He looks kind of, relaxed.

I remember, I first heard about this part from Cairo Foster. It was in an old 411, a “Wheels of Fortune” or something, they asked him the best video parts he saw recently – it was Rattray in “WFTW” and Brian Wenning in “Photosynthesis.” Noble picks, they were.

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7 Responses to “Street Levitation”

  1. Mike Says:

    Awesome part for all the reasons you said, but not top ten. Off the top of my head, no order at all…:

    -Gonz, Video Days
    -Lotti, Now and Later
    -JT, Welcome to Hell
    -Guy, Mouse
    -MC, Modus Operandi (was trying to figure out my favorite part of his, that’s it)
    -Lucas Puig, Fully Flared (bout as contemporary as I can get, editing yo)
    -Kalis, Time Code
    -Wenning, Photosynthesis
    -Arto, Sorry
    -Jeremy Wray, SHS

    I guess those are parts that I’ll watch all the way through all the time everytime, but yeah, there’s the top ten video parts in 3 minutes off the top of my head.

  2. mdspb Says:

    I’d put Oyola in EE3 on the list, and probably PJ in his wonderful horrible debut. If we account for the “at the time” factor, I’ll put Natas in Streets on Fire in there as well.

    My personal fave list has Tim Jackson and Go Miyagi in the mix, but “best” and “favorite” are obviously different.

  3. Watson Says:

    Me and my friend Ian used to hate nollie 360 flips and swore that it was not possible to do a nice looking one. Until we saw the one that Rattray does in that line. (Which is also in his old 411 section).

    I’m still not fond of nollie 360 flips, but I am still fond of that particular one.

  4. theProgram Says:

    “all-time” lists are hard because you’ve got stuff like drehobl’s part in damage that’s gotta be mentioned somewhere, although i guess it would most likely fall just out of the top 10 for most people. i guess to me, an all-time list would need to include parts that changed skateboarding in some way. duffy, gonz, jt, wenning, oyola, etc.

  5. Jerry Mathers as the Beaver Says:

    Ready for the World’s “Oh Sheila” is definitely one of the top 10 songs of all time.

  6. excalibur Says:

    i have an important thing to say about what the 10 best things of all time are

  7. Vitis Says:

    Cards in the Transworld video.

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