Sole Tech: One Foot In Heaven, One Foot In Hell

The First Power

Balance is a concept that is critical to skateboarding. And I’m not just talking about the kind of balance that keeps Joey Brezinski in five-panel hats. I’m talking about the cosmic kind of balance. The mystic force that binds us together, and ensuring that for every Saddam Hussein there is a Crocodile Hunter, for every Mark Rogowski a Tim Brauch, for every chaotic evil arms dealer a lawful good veterinarian with a fuel efficient car.

The skateboarding world has explored these concepts of course via the turn of the century battles between Flame Boy and Wet Willy that spilled out across the bottoms of countless World Industries boards, as well as videos such as Mystery’s “Black and White” or, to a more British extent, Blueprint’s “Lost and Found.” And who could forget Digital naturist Bill Weiss’s dearly departed Balance skateboards.*

In the early 90s, Todd Swank even attempted to smash good and evil particle beams against one another via Foundation’s Super Collider-Super Conductor, despite the whole project being hated upon by shook scientists who feared the experiment would create microscopic black holes that would send the world back in time to the days of coordinated freestyle routines.

Thankfully that never happened and here in 2009 we find Sole Tech shoes exploring the concept of cosmic balance through the ultimate late ’00s medium, collaborative footwear endeavors. About a month ago Emerica announced its collabo with Barrier Kultist Deer Man of Dark Woods, the scary-voiced proponent of devil worship through ski masks and the abrupt transition discipline of skateboarding, who is also Canadian and regarded in certain circles as a boss figure.

Representing the side of light is that sworn enemy of Satan, car thieves and other evildoers, Mickey Mouse, who has a shoe coming out with Etnies as part of the only collabo more bizarre than a shoe designed by a masked barrier-skating devil worshiper. I know! This is all part of Etnies’ recently revealed collaboration with Walt Disney that also includes some high top Tinkerbell shoes.

Meanwhile, Sole Tech’s resident black sheep Es is pursuing a relationship with Clipse.

*Except many of us.

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6 Responses to “Sole Tech: One Foot In Heaven, One Foot In Hell”

  1. paulo Says:

    those chocolate balls looks so tasty! yummy.

  2. Rudy Says:

    Anyone else think the “Deer man of dark woods” is kind of retarded? Ooh you’re scary Canadian satanic limited terrain skating guy…..

    What’s next a Glen Danzig Lakai model?

  3. Chris Says:

    Black Metal, what DMODW’ is based on, is kind of retarded…but in a great way. In my mind those creative, interesting concepts are needed. That thinking brings a bit of Neil Blender and GSD to the surface.

    Plus, I know I would rather have a Glen Danzig model than a Sheckler or Rogers model…but that’s just me.

  4. Rudy Says:

    I completely agree on Glen D. being much cooler that Shecks or Rogers, just not seeing a lot of originality or creativity in beating the dead horse of satanism….

    We already have Creature and half of Deathwish for that. Or at least the brilliant mind of Lizard King.

  5. Watson Says:

    Deer Man really doesn’t take that shit seriously. Him and some friends made the first video just for fun. People were stoked on it.

    Do you honestly think this guy like showers with his balaclava on, and his answering machine message is through a voice encoder? It’s just fun, dudes.

    And oh yeah Pilot Light, Etnies also has a shoe with Evil Lord from Fantasia on there, so there’s your balance right there.

  6. Watson Says:

    I also was going to mention how fond I am that you’re so fond of footnotes.

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