Catholic High School Girls In Trouble

Somewhere, someone has already commented on how stupid good kids are today, exemplified in the best trick footage from the recent Girl/Choco/Royal/Ruby/Skate Mental/Fourstar/Podium/Crailtap open house. So, I will not whine. What I will do is note Utility Board Shop’s Daniel Espinosa, who took Carroll’s last trick from “Yeah Right” and flipped it frontside. (Also: how good is it, that he didn’t go to fakie.)

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3 Responses to “Catholic High School Girls In Trouble”

  1. Kevin D. Parrott Says:

    I’ve seen a couple of folk doing ’em frontside for a while now round these parts…Ultra long mini ramp ones, too. Looks amazing.

  2. Rocuronium Says:

    That recent black box during ASR footy was also retardedly good. If it hadn’t been park or best trick footy, his stuff alone could have made for a best of the year. The rest was also supremely good.
    But despite the amazing recent progression of skateboarding I see its better half dying. It is progressing this much and this fast because its pros have surendered to living, practicing, progressing, and adapting in secret private “training facilities”.
    So it is amazing that these professionals can do switch twirly flip grinds to another grind to varial revert manuals, but that stuff is just about artificial as the mega ramp (and just as impressive and amazing-I agree).

    But it’s the real street stuff that will keep skateboarding alive.

  3. John Says:

    Not that anyone will read this or anything, because it’s a comment on a blog on the web from an article from 5 months ago, but what could “it’s the real street stuff that will keep skateboarding alive” possibly mean? It’s just dumbfoundingly non-sensical, at least to these weird ears. Is Alex Olsen, the 00’s own Ethan Fowler going to somehow abstractly ‘keep skateboarding alive,’ with his turns and ollies?

    Skateboarding will be kept alive by nerds arguing on the internet!!! OH I’m pissing myself off.

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