From The Muddy Banks Of The Great Gray-Green Greasy Limpopo River

All set about with fever trees

I would like to begin this week by welcoming back one of my favorite shoe color schemes of years past, the gray/white/black/dark green combo that I personally trace back to the first run of the original Kalis model on DC, released in 2000 or so.* (Try as I may, Google turns up nothing helpful and unlike certain Canadian blogs I don’t have vast expanses of frozen tundra on which to stack boxes of old sneakers into fun igloo shapes.) Basically, the upper (?) was gray, with dark green detailing; the midsole (??) was white and the bottom of the sole was black. In a time of kaleidoscopic D3 color-feasts I remember marveling at the relative subtlety of the whole deal and, upon purchase and wear, even earned a personal thumbs up from the best skateboarder in town at the time. These were charmed days to be sure.

Anyhow, I got a very bizarre but also disturbingly welcome sense of skateboard shoe deja-vu when I spied this new color of Lakai Telfords on deck for release sometime this year (below), and only a month or so later saw a pair of Adio shoes (above) in Thrasher that tapped pretty much the same palette.

Now, I thought I saw a similar color of Etnies Raps somewhere recently, which would make this color a certified trend and also certify me as a footwear trendspotter, all but assuring my escape from WordPress skid row and onto one of those street fashion websites that Lupe Fiasco or the Cool Kids name-check in their conscious-but-not-really-conscious hip-hop songs. (I assume I also would get rich at a certain point.)

*Probably the idea predates this, but I haven’t any clue at all.

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9 Responses to “From The Muddy Banks Of The Great Gray-Green Greasy Limpopo River”

  1. yepwhocares Says:

    You have just expressed the thoughts that I was also having going on in my mind, green man.

  2. chas one Says:

  3. Sean Says:

    Supra and a couple of other companies have a whole mess of shoes with this grey/green colourway thing going on. Grey patent leather Supranos & Vaiders with green highlights = facepalm.jpg

  4. mort goldman Says:

  5. justin Says:

    Those Telfords would be cool if you chopped them down to low tops and covered up any shoe guts that were sticking out with stickers and/or duct tape.

  6. isaac Says:

    Colvinetics stickers

  7. jojo Says:

    The Scott Johnston 1’s from Lakai had a the same colorway as those grey/green Telfords. Who really gives a shit, right?

  8. Watson Says:

    FYI BTO, we have shelves here in Canada, I do not stack my shoes in igloo shapes, and there is nothing fun at all about the frozen tundra that encompasses Canada in both winter AND summer.


  9. carbonite Says:

    green/black/grey is an awesome color scheme. Minnesota Northstars…Green Lantern…good shit.

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