Eleven Initial Thoughts on the Alien Video

via Epicly Laterd

-Jake Johnson had the best part.
-AVE got his handrail mojo back, in a major cot damn way (b/s nosegrind)
-for guys with their own, private skateparks, you’d think they could get more footage
-Kalis taking the bigspin-to-ledge switch made me want to, you know, something
-a handful of intentional-or-not homage/tributes to past DNA productions, among them Jake Johnson’s regular-footed Lenny Kirk, the wind-ups, Mikey Taylor’s nollie f/s noseslide to fakie and Heath Kirchart’s kickflip-as-pretelegraphed ender (sort of)
-Jason Dill’s abiding love for the indie-rock Phish is rather endearing
-Omar Salazar’s Stallone grind brought the house down
-Heath Kirchart, fuck, but err what happened to the all-white part?
-Mikey Taylor still rides for the long frontside 50-50
-A nice effect: somebody breaking a glass concurrent with Tyler Bledsoe touching down a bigspin
-A suitable amount of razzmatazz and middle-America flotsam.

Who out there thinks they can make a better video this year?

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11 Responses to “Eleven Initial Thoughts on the Alien Video”

  1. Mike Says:

    We too were feeling the Lennie Kirk homage and then we figured Jerry Fischer did it too…

  2. Skate Nazi Says:

    KALIS had the best part of all the dirty thirties (aside from Heath, naturally) I mean that dude was BRINGIN’ HEAT, holy shit/

    Dill’s ender was ridiculous by the way.

  3. Al Says:

    I’ve always wanted to not like Dill, even before he was “F*@cking Awesome” and looked more like f*@cking sideshow bob. BUT, his parts are always good, and this was no exception.

    Heath’s opening 360 fly-outs seemed to pay homage to Alan Peterson, I’m not sure what that connection would be, except they may be the two most intimidating people in skating…

  4. isaac Says:

    i dug the re-do of Matt Reason’s switch skinny ledge 50-50 flat bar ride. great video, makes me want to skate up to 11.

  5. Henry Says:

    i had the same question about heath’s all-white part. then i remembered he’s still got a whole ‘nother part coming in “stay gold,” which makes me fear for his sanity a little bit.

  6. Erik Says:

    Besides the great skateboarding, something else about Mind Field was stuck in my head…


  7. Anonymous Says:

    the DGK promo will be better. only if Dwyane Fagundes has a full part.

    in all seriousness, mind field is a total fucking stoner video. I bet that “lite brite” sequence would look rad if you were stuck in a K-hole.

  8. Captain planet Says:

    There was way too much B-roll for my tastes. The guys that I wanted to see the most (Berra, Dill, Dyrdek) had the shortest parts. Also, too much Dinosaur Jr. I like DJ but that was a bit too much for one skate vid. Animal collective was rad though and made Jake Johnson’s part that much better. It was quality effort but in the end I was disappointed. I give the best part to either Arto or Jake Johnson.

  9. woozers Says:

    The vid could have been 2 times shorter without the random moving pictures shit between tricks and parts. Heath killed it, Kalis were sick, Jake Johnsons part almost made me quit watching the vid, not because the tricks, bet the editing, Flip suits Arto better.

    Yeah, and too much Dinosaur Jr.

    Overall nice vid.

  10. Eric Koston vs PJ Ladd: Game of SKATE / CtotheJL Says:

    […] were “complaints” about previous refs missing key calls – maybe he was too busy reading reviews on Mind Field. Nonetheless, the game was tight. Watch the video and find out who […]

  11. murd Says:

    Heath has stated in interviews that White is his theme for Emerica, and black for AWS. so we can probably expect to toss on our sunshades for his next part…
    I wonder if he performed the frontside flip over his streetgap before or after doing the bs flip

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