Spoiler Alert

Let me preface this by noting that Dyrdek’s pop-shove it frontside k-grind across that long bench in the Alien video was very cool.

Street Dreams (2009)
This story is based where the skateboard culture is the most foreign, the Midwest. Derrick Cabrera, like all skaters, has a dream of being sponsored and one day going pro. He is an up and coming skater with all the talent but has the world against him. Parents, friends and schoolmates can’t understand how Derrick has so much passion for something that has no future in their eyes. His crew of friends that are skaters is the only place he is truly accepted. But, as he gets better and better, the skater he looked up to the most becomes his worst enemy. In the sport of skateboarding a single trick that has never been done or conceived can bring you stardom in an instant. Derrick has that trick, if only he can make it. As he attempts to make this trick he is faced with skateproofing, a jealous friend and cops who have it in for him. Derrick finally gets arrested for skating on private property. After that his parents lay down the law and try to force him to quit skateboarding. Adding insult to injury, his girlfriend forces an ultimatum on him as well: “The skateboard or life with her.” At that point, Derrick gives up everything and runs away with his friends to the Tampa Am contest in Florida. This is a weekend that can turn an unknown skateboarder into a future star. He sees it as his only shot to make it in skateboarding. Derrick’s rivalry comes to a head in Florida when his crew of friends abandons him because of his jealous mentor. A top amateur’s sister rescues Derrick by giving him a place to stay and convincing him to believe in himself. With all the world of skateboarding watching, Derrick finally makes the trick that shocks the entire skate world and instantly thrusts him into the spotlight. His dream of being sponsored has come true. Written by Rob Dyrdek.

How many barrels do you think he jumps?


15 Responses to “Spoiler Alert”

  1. Zack Says:

    I like the ones where you don’t even have to write a joke.

  2. huh? Says:

    what in the name of -oh my god this shit gave me a seriously bad headache- is this…?

  3. Captain planet Says:

    I cant hang with Dyrdeks puffy DCs and fake ass bling bling lifestyle. Its boring and serves only to be commercialized and profited from. I normally wouldnt be so harsh but after watching the Snickers commercial that completely ripped off the Fully Flared intro (check the Berrics) I had to let it out.
    Im kinda starting to despise skate “culture”…

  4. mort goldman Says:

    can you even enter tampa am without a sponsor? I would pay money to see what the trick is…ohh robbie d, what kind of retarded hellspawnish demontrick are you thinking about…something that will shock the entire skate world…it must be the one that got away from Mind Field.

  5. Paul Says:

    Barrels? Sharks.

  6. ciaran Says:

    Sounds like an unpdated treatment of seminal late 80s cheeezfest Thrashin’. Brutal altogether, but aged 12 when I first saw it and I loved it….

  7. J Says:

    I was an extra in the film…..now I like Dyrdek, and P-rod has always been cool with me, no hate, but the dialog in the movie was pretty cheesy and every other word was fuck….for no reason at all. By the way, the trick he did was the Tre-flip krook, which at the time a couple of years ago was a big deal. This was filmed a year or two before Rob and Big even came out. The story was that P-Rod had done it a couple of times at the Nike TF, and had the exact same rail built in Tampa. It was funny, the day of the shooting P-Rod wasn’t stoked on the rail they had built in Tampa. P-Rod, the Producers of the movie and some set guys, Dyrdek, and one of the guys from SPOT were all looking at the rail with tape measures. They filmed this whole Tampa Am scene which took all day. All the “stars” of the movie took there runs as if it was a real contest. I remember Dydek pulling Sheckler aside and told him to tone it down a bit. He was doing these amazing runs and making the rest of the guys look bad. He’s such a jock. He wasn’t even supposed to do good in the movie and here Shekler thinks it’s a dew tour final. Don’t remember what everybody did, but I do remember Tyler Bledsoe didn’t land a single trick. The second day was basically filming “the trick”. The crowd wasn’t allowed in for that day, but because I was with DC Shoes at the time I got to hang. P-Rod never landed it, at least not during that weeks of filming. They basically had to call it. I think they rescheduled another filming week a couple of months later, but by that time Dyrdek was busy filming for his MTV show, so I don’t know if they did or not. They would have had to re-film the whole thing because the park setup changes for the different Tampa ams and Pros…….Originally this movie was set to come out a couple of years ago, but from what I was told, MTV told Dydek to shelf it because they thought it would hurt his image. In the movie Dyrdek plays “the bad guy”. The movie is also rated R with Fuck being every other word like I said. Most of Dyrdek’s fans are of the 13-16 year old range too. Tough sell for parent’s….Anyways, that some info on this movie.

  8. figsy Says:

    If I remember correctly from my nintendo gamecube days, isn’t that the exact same plot from tony hawk underground? Having given away everything to do with the whole videogames thing since, I can’t be sure, but that sounds exactly like it

  9. skatim Says:

    Haha. Figsy nailed it.

  10. Watson Says:

    Thanks alot, Boil. You couldn’t have edited that synopsis so as to not give away the ending?! Personally when I go see it I don’t want to know how it ends!!!

  11. art hellman Says:

    wait…no mention of a skateboarding primate? what gives. I want my investment back.

    Dyrdek = Madoff of skateboarding.

  12. Old School Sammy Says:

    Fabolous—only the SECOND worst rapper of all time!

    Mase, c’mon up and accept your trophy.

    “Thank you, thank you so much” (said as Rob Dyrdek)

  13. hoen Says:

    i hope its the next Thrashin. its a hilarious movie. I think they would have been better off using ‘actors,’ at least it would have been funny seeing the stunt double versions of the main characters. too bad they weren’t purposely going for the ‘cult classic,’ they would have been better off. My bet is it ends up being as bad as Lords of Dogtown.

  14. figsy Says:

    lords of dogtown wasn’t that bad at all, street dreams sounds like a coathanger abortion of a film

  15. J Says:

    from what I have seen during filming, I think figsy nailed it….

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