Don’t Cry For Me Australia

Big Daddy Kane famously ruined his own rap career by appearing nude in Madonna’s novel “Sex” back in the early 1990s, a cautionary tale that no doubt weighs upon Renton Millar’s Aussie mind when he brazenly dangles his front foot above the coping. This photo looks so fun. (From the March TWS.)

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7 Responses to “Don’t Cry For Me Australia”

  1. bujiwam Says:

    Holy shit, that photo is amazing!

  2. dale Says:

    the shadow is sick

  3. Zottli Says:

    What impact do you think Vanilla Ice’s appearance in Sex had on his later career? Could he have avoided that shocking and violent display on MTV’s 25 Lamest Videos had he only declined, or was his fate predetermined?

    What a world.

  4. theProgram Says:

    i mean really, if Madonna (an arguably attractive, yet undoubtedly rich and famous female) approached you and said “hey, i want you to be in my book…it’s called ‘Sex,'” would you, as an aspiring celebrity turn it down? i should think not.

  5. Skate Nazi Says:

    Even Kane at his worst is still infinitely better and more relevant to me than 98.9% of rappers that are alive today.

  6. Jeremy Says:

    I skated this bowl for the first time yesterday. It’s MASSIVE!! This photo is unbelievable!

  7. Townsville Talk Forum Says:


    I’m enjoying the site.

    Keep up the Good work.

    Love Heaps


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