Superpowers Enable Joey Brezinski to Blend In with Machinery

Joey Brezinski’s Transworld interview a couple months ago was entertaining for a variety of reasons, among them his challenges with the French language, designing video game characters based on SAD, and how he uses EA Skate to brainstorm his Rube Goldberg-esque trick combinations:

A lot of my tricks really do come out of that game. A lot of tricks take like five days after I do it for 30 minutes on the couch. In a way that game is mental training for physical training.

They also poke fun at him for basically not being able to come up with any single-frame photo material, which goes some way toward explaining the lame Colin McKay cover. But squinting and furrowing my brow at the sequence captions got me thinking about how Joey Brezinski on a trick-by-trick basis regularly executes some of the longest-named maneuvers currently running. Spoiler alert, here’s some of the more convoluted items from his excellent section in the new Cliche video “Cle” which we may discuss in further detail some day soon.*

-Fakie lipslide to nose manual to nollie backside bigspin (nine words, 57 characters)
-Switch nose manual to fakie nosegrind shove-it out (eight words, 51 characters)
-Kickflip nose manual nollie backside tailslide (seven words, 50 characters)
-Frontside 180 switch manual body varial manual 180 out (nine words, 54 characters)
-Frontside boardslide pop-up to fakie manual revert backside 180 out (10 words, 67 characters)
-Half-cab kickflip manual backside tailslide backside kickflip out (eight words, 65 characters)
-Half-cab frontside noseslide backside 270 manual revert (seven words, 55 characters)
-Nose manual nollie backside bigspin fakie manual fakie pop out (ten words, 62 characters)

Obviously this is the one and true benchmark by which we must measure his part in the upcoming Transworld video this summer. I think he’s got at least a 15-word trick in him, provided he is able to evade the MongoCorp assassins in San Vanelona or whatever it’s called.

*Note, I counted the spaces as characters because I’m not a crazy word monster who likes his words all mushed together in a big mush.

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14 Responses to “Superpowers Enable Joey Brezinski to Blend In with Machinery”

  1. excellent section Says:

    excellent section

  2. Anonymous Says:

    um, thank you for the d4 reference.

  3. Watson Says:

    “Rube Goldberg-esque trick combinations”


  4. theProgram Says:

    word muncher. now THAT was video game.

  5. pilot light Says:

    Actually after sleeping on it, I think the Rube Goldberg label would better apply to Haslam vs. Daewon in the mini-ramp funhouse, but whatever.

  6. J Says:

    brezinski = 2009 version of Haslam with bad teeth?

  7. figsy Says:

    I’ve never heard of anyone using Skate for that purpose, but I suppose it’d be a good way of seeing what might look good/work in real life. “research” is the new “chill time”

  8. art hellman Says:


  9. Watson Says:

    True on the Cheese And Crackers.

    As nerdy as it sounds, I also find that fingerboarding could be quite helpful in thinking up new tricks. I mean besides the fact that the board is small, the physics are the same. You can really test out the possibilities of popping out of certain tricks, etc.

    I would find it all very helpful if I were able to do any tricks more basic than a tailslide.

  10. carbonite Says:

    Brezinski is almost in Rodney Mullen territory now…in terms of doing unimaginably hard tricks that “the kids” don’t really care about…what about that sequence in an adio ad of f/s nose nollie heel transfer or some shit…it would be hard for him to be more underrated; his style got a little better, I think…

  11. huphtur Says:

    Where’s the link to the TWS Article? Or was it in print? Who still does that paper thing?

  12. nowax Says:

    i think you used a word counter huph

    Skate Everything Faster…

  13. tropics Says:

    carbonite: yr such a melonhead

  14. Once Upon A Time I Think I Didn’t Hate the Band MGMT « boil the ocean Says:

    […] Foot Forward” section came in a bit lower than that of his recent Cliche video part, exhaustively chronicled earlier. He didn’t manage to crack the hallowed 15-word threshold, but did come pretty close at one […]

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