Bird Flu 2

Yeah right

I guess if we’re gonna annoint the straight ollie onto rail as a hot trick trend, then this mindbending Skateboarder cover of Leo Romero going in through the out door certifies the reverse rail ride once popularized by the likes of Ed Templeton, Ricky Oyola and Jeremy Wray as officially returneth. Time and general physics will determine how far people are able to expand beyond recent 50-50 variations from Anthony Pappalardo, Alex Olson, Olly Todd and others, along with the occasional crooked grind or boardslide, but for the time being I’m assuming lil’ Leo holds the distance title. Next question: after-black hammer for Baker 4 or homage to a new boss?

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9 Responses to “Bird Flu 2”

  1. rich Says:

    after black homage for stay gold?

  2. pug Says:

    no after black hammer on baker 4
    leo quit baker

    most likely new emerica video
    I doubt toy machine will have a new video any time soon

  3. Watson Says:

    “Homage to a new boss”, great writing as usual. I just watched Ed’s section in Jump Off A Building last night, so like, I totally like get you, you know?

    Does anyone else besides me think that Leo is like the new Heath based on how much fucking power the guy has? I was so surprised when I saw people dissing him on the Slap Boards. How is it possible to NOT like this guy?! But then again, it is the Slap Boards, sooooo….

  4. RLD Says:

    Has anyone considered that he might just have stuck on a switch 50-50 and is about to hurtle to the ground?
    If so, then we have a skilled photographer right there.

  5. theProgram Says:

    people hate on leo because he’s a “rail chomper.” but the thing is, they don’t understand why rail chompers got hated on in the first place. it was because a lot of those dudes had no style. i’m not gonna name names per se, but you know who they are. leo brings an amazing style to rail skating and as the years have gone by, he’s actually shown to have a good understanding of how to put out coverage, much like one mr. kirchart.

  6. figsy Says:

    Holy crap, I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait to see that footage, leo is a beast, I used to think that bird-ish thing he did with his arms was odd but he’s got such a distinctive style, you just can’t knock him. Oh and since when’s he off baker? seems like a strange move for him

  7. Anonymous Says:

    not the new Heath

  8. Rocuronium Says:

    Who fs nbs’d up the carlsbad gap ledge at the Maloof cup?

  9. Grinding up « A good time Says:

    […] Like Leo … but also Pops… as well as Puleo back in the […]

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