Roy G. Biv

Did you ever get the feeling, that there’s some type of really big freaky groovy party going on, but everybody forgot to tell you about it…


6 Responses to “Roy G. Biv”

  1. DavidNewton Says:


  2. the mantis Says:

    looks like companies think they can sell anything these days? like we don’t have brains. Zumiez can have all that shit! keep it the fuck out of core-shops.

  3. JK Says:

    That is some butt-ugly gear

  4. Watson Says:

    What’s the problem here? Those pictures look exactly like the inside of my closet.

  5. ciaran Says:

    Some tight yellow jeans with just the right amount of stretch? Fuck yeah, just what my life needs. Count me IN.

  6. Dong1 Says:

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