Iron, Ink and Elbow Grease

Seeing sounds

One of the things that continues to be worth celebrating about “Mind Field” what, a month after its release is that it represented a return to form for Alien Workshop in the art direction department – the MF ad campaign was generally pretty good and the preview clips were always quality, but as far as board graphics and the editing of other recent DNA video projects, some of it was a little pedestrian considering the source. So at risk of exacerbating what was probably Alien video overkill last month I thought this Transworld slide show/interview between Mike O’Meally and Mike Hill was a sort of interesting read and companion to the “Visual Workshop” feature on the DVD, as the sometimes gloriously low-fi work that went into the visual cacophony seems to have been at least as intensive as the dudes heaving themselves up, over and onto railings, and it’s cool that paper mache remains a viable art form somewhere.

MO: Are there any special things that people should look out for in this next video that is different to the last ones.
HILL: I would probably think that we went to greater lengths to come up with something original for the titles and that was the spark that me and Chad talked about originally that really got us excited about getting back in to building rigs to film things. In the past I would say that I didn’t really care about titles so much but we came up with something’s and we wanted to see if they worked. I’m stoked on that, also maybe having some bright colors in there. Just cause it contrasts cool with grainy black and whites and to me, too much of that made it Memory Screen 2009. I don’t really want to do that. I’d rather progress, so to me doing things to where a little bit with the technology and maybe a little bit with the fact that we can get some get some different effects easier now than then because then there weren’t really any computers, earlier on so if you film something it was what it was. Where as here you can get it kind of close and you know that you can tweak it a little in the computer to get a total glow.

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