Suspect Chin Music

The spaghetti pretzel-man way

Karl Watson is one of those dudes who definitely has paid his dues and deserves a shot at running his own company if he wants to, but it kind of bums you out because there’s clearly going to be some give-and-take with regard to his on-board coverage (see also: Stevie Williams/DGK, Robbie Gangemi/Vehicle, Ricky Oyola/Traffic, etc). But when the wheels start a-rolling he’s apparently all in: despite catching the business end of an errant board and breaking his face at Tampa last weekend, he moseyed back into the bullring to slide this frontside nose/frontside tail thingamajig, a trick that would probably for sure look silly and grotesque under the feet of most. Karl Watson is justly known for his cheerful demeanor but when he’s out of the game (hopefully a good while from now) he’ll hopefully have secured a well-earned spot as one of the all-time bizarro ledge wizards. For the time being, enjoy the smoothies.

(PS What was going on at Tampa Pro on last weekend? Lenny Rivas’s buddy flashes a gun at Antwuan Dixon, who’s later banned for life from the SPOT for heaving rocks onto a freeway and causing general havok; Chris Gentry stomps out somebody’s windshield; Javier Nunez nollie frontside heelflip nosegrinds a rail and Jereme Rogers shows up with a goddamn face tattoo.)

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4 Responses to “Suspect Chin Music”

  1. Captain planet Says:

    Tampa pro coverage was not that good this year. I had to go to some fake ass skate site just to see any of the results other than the fact that Lutzka won. And by the way, I haven’t seen the footy of his victory runs, but do you really have to? I’m fairly sure I know what he did to win

  2. Pillar Says:

    nunez wasn’t messing with the rail. it was a long ledge.

  3. george Says:

    Jereme didn’t show up with the face tat. He got it at the free tattoo booth right there at the skatepark.

  4. Watson Says:

    I miss when 411 would come out with the Tampa videos. Those were good.

    Speaking of 411 and on the subject of Karl Watson, I loved it in the Hubba “article” when Koston described the frontside noseslide 270 out as “pretzel out” me and my friends use that term all the time for strange turning tricks.

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