Midwinter Video Roundup: Quartersnacks “Mind Field” Re-Edit

Straight up now

I was going to do one of these video-focused postings about the Untitled video where I gave all the skaters names of characters in the midcentury Bible story epic “Ben Hur,” except it started to seem like a lot of work real quick because I haven’t seen “Ben Hur.” Then I thought about how I should have done one on the Lakai “Final Flare” box set, but it’s been like three months since the goddamn thing came out and you can probably imagine where I’d go with it anyway: the no-sound-all-slow HD feature is basically 20 minutes of footage stretched over a 45-minute snowboard video canvas, the unused footage is bonkers, a bunch of Alex Olson’s best tricks somehow weren’t used (barrier tailslide, nollie b/s 180 over the bar), that fantastic Australia/B.O.B. tour clip is in there, the documentary veers a bit too far into the “Hot Chocolate” lane for comfort and leaves you wondering whether Carroll considered handing Ty Evans his walking papers once the whole thing was over with. One of the issues I have with his approach to making skate videos is the way the drama/emotion often gets turned up to 11… his sensibilities still seem like a weird match for the minds behind the goldfish chase and “Paco,” even all these years since “Beware of the Flare.”

You get the feeling that the Quartersnacks dudes maybe had a similar reaction to “Mind Field,” but instead of snarking around about it on the internet (or in addition to) they took it upon themselves to tear the original to pieces and put it back together in new shapes of their own choosing – a Google image search-inflected reframing of the Greg Hunt masterpiece, compressed to under 30 minutes and strained through a filter of Drumma Boy and “Fresh Prince” that sifts out all the Dinosaur Jr, most of the artsiness and half the dudes’ parts (they kept Arto?). Favored sections are expanded by way of b-roll footage and, as the situation warrants, QS seagull/cigarette equivalents in the form of ’80s tap-dance routines, cameos from the likes of Tom Jones and Lennie Kirk, and an update to the Carter-Dill tapes. Obvious highlights are Jeezy/Johnson and Kalis’s Trick Daddy epic, along with the musical tributes to Dylan Rieder’s fair features. This AVE part is perhaps better than the original and the shocking return of a dearly departed Workshopper at the very end throws everything about the original video (if not the entire universe) into question.

Anyway, a total tour de force, I think they still have it up for download here. Nobody go suing anybody now…

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5 Responses to “Midwinter Video Roundup: Quartersnacks “Mind Field” Re-Edit”

  1. theProgram Says:

    before the actual video came out, i would get real excited thinking about it but then i would realize that there wasn’t going to be a part from said “dearly departed Workshopper.” this QS edit put a huge smile on my face for that ender of a part alone.

  2. KDP Says:

    …Jake Johnsons edit seemed to feel far less slomoed than it was. And seeing Papps in there was gold.

    That intro was unbearable, though. Its a shame about the rest of their efforts in there, too.

  3. hoen Says:

    come on BTO…all the venom for Arto? that guy is sick as hell. switch back 180 into the bank, 3 flip into the same bank. not to mention the ridiculous fs bs, and back lip. his skating isn’t the same, but he’s still got it.

  4. theProgram Says:

    not to mention how good the switch 3flip/switch flip front board line looked. i wasn’t backing arto on workshop when it happened, but i think it kinda works out.

  5. Lol Says:

    you’re allowed to spread your wings. Pops is still workshop.

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