Wasted Youth

No point trying to sum up this experience in words. Sort of like the Nandez “gargoyle” vid. Wow


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14 Responses to “Wasted Youth”

  1. nah! Says:

    no words

  2. ace Says:

    Amish beard. Face tat. Crown Royal. What more can a young, dynamic hip-hop innovator ask for?

  3. quartersnacks Says:

    Was the gargoyle video ever re-posted anywhere? Youtube took it down because his publicist reported it and I decided to let it sit in a dark corner of my harddrive forever.

  4. Tim Says:

    Can anyone fill me in on Nandez?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The guys at you will soon are gonna have a fucking field day over this one….

  6. carlos Says:

    ahh shit, i tried for a long time to not listen to his raps, bu i gave in. fucking lame. i totally get that baby talk shit now haha

  7. Mike Says:

    The first time I tried to watch the video I made it about 50 seconds in before self embarrassment set in, then I came back to try again and they took it down; someone spared me! Anyways, saw the Pilot Light burn bright in TSM 63, parsing economics no less. e-high fives!

  8. Watson Says:

    Quartersnacks – PLEASE POST THE GARGOYLE VIDEO!!!! I want to see that shit again SO BAD!

    Or can you send it to me? youwillsoon@gmail.com

    Fuck I want to see that shit again. It was the best.

  9. Rudy Says:

    What the hell is the gargoyle video? Totally missed that one.

  10. Zottli Says:

    REMOVED?!? Please tell me someone out there filmed their computer screen with it playing.

  11. the illustrious handjob Says:

    yes i too want to witness this

  12. pt Says:

    excuse me, we’re making a tape…what do you think of atlanta? could you sum it up for me?

  13. mo Says:

    gargoyle video was chad fernandes drunk out of mind at max fish. Talking about doing a gargoyle. Thats hanging upside down from a street light.

  14. Rudy Says:

    Oh. Wow. Thanks. Yes, someone does need to dig this up.

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