No New Koston Shoe Sponsor Info In This Post About A Matt Bennett Trick

When I think back to Matt Bennett’s surprise debut in the “Good and Evil” video, with that song from the car commercial and some pretty questionable trick choices, it seems like he had a certain number of things working against him but right away I was pretty much a fan of this dude. Partly because the backside Barley grind was one of those I’d been hoping to see for a few years (though I seem to remember a Birdhouse kid pulling it… Vinny Gambardella?), and I guess partly because he’s got this weird scarecrow style that generally makes it work. And he does weird tricks, like this fakie backside tailslide. From the newer Thrasher which also contains a really balls-to-the-wall contents-spread sequence of Brandon Westgate, a kid whose skating I have a hard time getting into, but that’s neither here nor there unless he is somehow responsible for Matt Bennett not having more footage in the Fallen shoes video. I have noticed that he does wear looser pants, a hallmark of your potential shoplifter. Right about now this post is getting way stupid.

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20 Responses to “No New Koston Shoe Sponsor Info In This Post About A Matt Bennett Trick”

  1. adrian Says:

    I am pretty sure that Mariano does some kind of one eighty back smith variation in video days.

  2. Mike Says:

    I’d go with fakie backside tailslide fakie, which sounds more accurate to me, and I can’t help but think of Clyde Singleton doing it on Hubba coming off a seemingly full foot early but with no firecracker on the bottom stair.

  3. hoen Says:

    fakie frontside tailslide. he ollies fakie, that makes it a tailslide. he’s facing the rail, that makes it frontside. thats my logic.

  4. spngg Says:

    @hoen…. but the body is turning backside.

    Most video parts these days are full of tricks that I wouldn’t dare to think about trying. I think this is what I like about Matt bennett, his parts are at a moderate level and gives you something to think about.

    The whole liking someone for a moderate skill level works for some (Chico, Todd Jordan) and doesn’t for others (Adrian Lopez, Josh Harmony, Dyrdek).

  5. Trent Says:

    fakie frontside tailslide. whenever it’s fakie you use the same naming scheme as when it’s regular. think frontside halfcab kickflip, fakie frontside 5-0…

  6. villa Says:

    but when you see someone do a fakie flip tailslide, you wouldn’t call it fakie flip back tail would you…

    and i’ve seen darrell stanton pull a few of those backside barleys before down rails, and a couple people pull them with a fs 180 out on ledges lately

  7. pilot light Says:

    How on god’s green earth is this trick in any shape or format a frontside tailslide. Stop the insanity.

    “villa,” if you have links to footage of the f/s 180 out variation of the b/s barley grind, please to be posting

  8. Rikku Markka Says:

    @ Trent

    You proved yourself wrong by stating, “whenever it’s fakie you use the same naming scheme as when it’s regular.” Okay sir, taking that as a given, if Matt Bennett had ollied into that tailslide, the caption would say, “Matt Bennett back tails to fakie.” If the caption read front tail, the letters section in the next month’s mag would be full of people calling them out on the mistake. The trick is a fakie ollie back tail, pure and simple.

    And in no way whatsoever could this be a fakie ollie switch frontside noseslide. Ollieing fakie, and ollieing switch are mutually exclusive. You cannot fakie ollie and then switch ollie; it is a physical impossibility, just like nollie half cabs; you cannot nollie and then fakie ollie. It is a nollie 180.

    If you don’t see that reasoning as simple truth, then the next time you play a game of SKATE, do a fakie kickflip and tell the kid(s) you’re playing against that you just did a fakie nollie kickflip. Let me know if you aren’t stared at with quizzical faces and/or called a kook.

  9. Rikku Markka Says:

    My apologies, I should have written, switch kickflip instead of fakie kickflip.

  10. nah! Says:


    axion is officially back…..

  11. theProgram Says:

    fakie back tail. period. i’ve never understood how skateboarders can’t seem to get this shit right. it’s not fucking hard.

  12. villa Says:

    here’s a sequence of a dude Ki from philly doing one…i’ve seen a few others too, let me see if i can find them,

  13. C&H Says:

    It is a fakie back tail.

  14. ace Says:

    Gosh, whatever it is, it sure looks hard!

    I’m a big fan of Bennett’s dangle. Especially when he “inhales” the landing and crouches into the bolts for an extended period of time. It’s weird because that kind of thing pisses me off to no end when I see it from the fake thug kids doing 2 mph back crooks at the skatepark.

  15. hoen Says:

    its not a front tail. its a fakie front tail. front tail isn’t front tail because your spinning frontside. its front tail because the ledge is in front of you. by the same logic front nose is named front nose because the ledge is in front of you. just like a frontside air is a frontside air because you are facing the coping. all this shit was named when dudes were still skating the half pikes…stunt ditches…U things. Theres no such thing as a frontside indy.

  16. Blue Says:

    So does that mean we’re all saying a “fakie ollie feeble grind” is in fact a “fakie ollie over-willy”? That just sounds more like a sex fetish than a skateboarding trick.

  17. Douchenhoff Says:

    OK, I can’t believe we are having this debate. It is 2009
    At least we all agree it is fakie
    When applied to skating rails
    Frontside = facing the rail
    Backside= back to the rail
    spngg “@hoen…. but the body is turning backside.”
    @ spngg… which way the body turns is irrelavent
    think front board vs front lip

    Now everyone

    Imagine this trick is a fakie 5.0, not hard to do is it.
    Look at the sequence.
    Tell me, would that be a frontside or backside 5.0?
    It would be FRONTSIDE.

    This is a fakie front tailslide to fakie.

    Markka is way off when he says
    “Okay sir, taking that as a given, if Matt Bennett had ollied into that tailslide, the caption would say, “Matt Bennett back tails to fakie.””
    Um, no it would say frontside noseslide.
    Look at the pictures again.
    If we wanted to play Marrka’s game
    If Matt Bennett had switch ollied into that rail, the caption would say
    ” Matt Bennett switch front noseslides this rail”
    Both of which are frontside.

    Trent is right

  18. John Says:

    I really like the way you think about skateboarding. Also, it’s a fakie ollie back tail. Or some might say a switch nollie front nose (I think that’s how pilot light is thinking about thinking about it)

  19. Douchenhoff Says:

    no, nobody would say switch nollie anything EVER
    it is frontside!
    ANY trick he pops into from that position is frontside

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