A New Horizon

Joey Pressey nosegrinds in Landscape’s “Horizons”

Probably you all remember how Jay-Z faced an inconvenience when the September 11 airplanes crashed on the same day he released his Blueprint CD, yet he prevailed over the long run because of how he married Beyonce while George W Bush prosecuted the war on global terror. Father Time will judge whether Landscape’s “Horizons” video can surmount the similarly huge obstacle of dropping just as the Koston footwear sponsor galactic crisis broke loose, but Landscape, sometimes known as Mark Foster’s other other company, has one thing going for them that S. Carter never did, namely that they are not saddled with the albatross that was Memphis Bleek’s career in rap music.

Also they have Joey Crack who is really good and has apparently reverted to using both his given names (recall, if you will, a brief period of time when Jay-Z considered changing his name to er, “Rocky”). Someone said a few years back that Pressey was like a UK Danny Renaud, which I could sort of see, but the more I think about it, it’s probably more accurate to say that John Lupfer is an American Joey Crack. He’s awesome and has some interesting angles at South-Bank and a high-speed feeble grind but is this the part from the dude we (I) have been waiting for? Not sure. Need 2 study more ‘authentic’ Brit skate vids. Feelin ‘sad.’

Clocking in under the crucial 30-minute mark with a noisy, Workshoppy intro, “Horizons” also features some ams, younger and slimmer dudes who do a lot of nosebonks and backside tailslides on banks and long lines where the dude turns around, which always seem relaxing for some reason. Oh, and Nick Stansfield does one of those Chico Brenes backside flips where the board kickflips and then the dude 180s, super good.

Personally though the really hot skating lies with the old dudes like Soy Panday, who fully goes for the Zoo/”Mixtape” vibe via vintage Ghostface and speedy cruising, a lot like Bobby Puleo but without all the baggage. Fast, lots of ledges and next to nothing over three feet tall, a classic old-guy part and urban without overdoing it too much. And that loooong tailslide. This is one of the best parts I’ve seen this year I think actually. Snowy as well, a bit more muscle behind tricks like that backside flip over the huge hip, and the gangster kickflip to fakie, I think he uses a Britpop version of “Lady Marmalade” which is interesting. Plan to watch this a few times if you can – sunny afternoons, skateboarding in the city, fun summer ahead.

If you live in the UK they probably have this video all over; in the US think Unicron has it, or they used to.

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5 Responses to “A New Horizon”

  1. quartersnacks Says:

    Memphis Bleek was not actually on “The Blueprint.” That is a large part of why it is such a coveted classic today. Jay probably figured it was the least he could do after putting out “The Dynasty.”

  2. clew Says:

    Ahhhhhh! The swoosh!!!!!!

  3. clew Says:

    ok, i’m better. Can P-Rod get back on Girl now?

  4. camelsarelame Says:

    thanks for the update! This is one of the best destinations on the hot blog circuit.

    I got the video off unicron, I have been talking about how I can’t wait for a joey crack part for a long time and then when the time finally came, I too felt a bit underwhelmed. I really dig his lanky crazy style and his blatant use of highwaters. I’m hoping the song was supposed to be funny or ironic in some way that I don’t understand since I’m from the US…

    The shot at memphis bleek put me on the verge of a “lol”

    Soy panday part is most definitely my favorite. Song choice was great, good spot selection, everything was great. I’m also a sucker for the whole “i don’t need a hammer im just going to end things with a line” way of thinking.

    snowy one me over with the boardslide on the turtle.

    I honestly don’t get why everybody is so concerned with the koston thing, I just hope he ends up etnies because they’re both pretty boring these days. he would fit well.

  5. Zottli Says:

    Heh, nice brief Carles homage.

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