Koston’s Shoe Future Still In Limbo, I Find Myself Disagreeing With Tim Dowling

Guy Mariano on Converse like 15 years ago

As expected, the Guy Mariano VBS episodes have provided a pretty glorious wallow in the 90s nostalgia mudhole, and I was wondering what they would do when they got to the “Mouse” era – I kind of had this idea that they might just put up the part itself as the week’s episode and move on, because, really, what’s there to say that hasn’t been said a hundred times over and who wouldn’t watch it again.

But they did it up in properly nerdy fashion and got into editing choices, and pretty early on it’s brought up how they put the switch shove-it k-grind as the last trick, which really wasn’t something that resonated with me much at the time the video came out but does kind of represent not just the genius of “Mouse” and the way it was put together but to an extent videos of that whole time frame. Tim Dowling, who more or less achieved skateboard legend status himself off that part, talks about how he used to think the switch b/s tailslide shove-it ought to have been the last trick, which I’m sure prompted a whole other (younger) group to furrow their brows and mouth the words “nuh uh switch front shove crooks”… but both of these are far too on the nose, something that I’m sure Rick Howard completely understands and would instantly brush off with some muttered “uhh, it’s just a skate video” comment. Which would be true.

Whether or not Guy Mariano’s part in “Mouse” would still be the best part evar if it ended on (insert preferred/gnarlier trick here) is a question best left to those who deal in alternate dimensions and infinite worlds*… but I do think “Mouse” would’ve been a slightly lesser video had they put Koston last, big trick heroics and all. Perhaps the point is the build-to-a-peak model needn’t be the only way to look at putting together a part, similar to how the best-part-last-second-best-part-first-etc roadmap isn’t necessarily the sole path to skate video greatness. We’re all aware of Osiris’s problems but a nod to their ballsiness for ending not one but two vids on shared parts; as long as Baker Bros. productions tend to drag, and they do, they deserve credit for playing out the thread til the bleary frayed end. Or how about Foundation, giving the last section in their most recent production to an only sort of reinvigorated Ethan Fowler.

*like maybe Rick Ross

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4 Responses to “Koston’s Shoe Future Still In Limbo, I Find Myself Disagreeing With Tim Dowling”

  1. Watson Says:

    I was also always stoked on how Koston’s section ends on 3 ledge bangers as opposed to the nollie noseblunt down CIBC or something like that. Also that the last ledge banger had sort of an imperfect two-point landing, that actually made it oh so much more perfect.

  2. theProgram Says:

    they should just keep logs of how many tries each trick takes and put them in rank order according to that.

  3. carbonite Says:

    kickturn at LA High should have been ender…come to think of it, i think the concept of “enders” (after-black or what have you) is a tm/zero/baker invention or some shit; look at two of the other parts, henry in TAHPOL and pj in PJWHL, that are in the conversation for “best part ever”— there is no “ender,” which is one element of what makes them so rad…

  4. Roc Says:

    back to that earlier post about the great matt bennet handrail trick.
    The greatest trick ever done on a railing was that “bag lady to fakie” by ?J.Richter or J. Swindell in a TWS in, like 1990. Haven’t seen it done since.

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