Call Me Daddy

This photo of Koston frontside hairballing in a pool–astride a Biebel model no less–on the Mapquest tour (from the Dompierre TWS, another EK link) would be worth posting on sheer gnarlitude alone, but it’s doubly relevant since Yahoo’s mapping site apparently has yet to lead Eric Koston to greener footwear pastures, and also by way of excuse-making for the recent and probably continuing lag in boily action around here. As of last Monday both Koston and I have the validest of reasons for neglecting our day (and side) jobs. Congrats–and pardon the interruption–



8 Responses to “Call Me Daddy”

  1. carbonite Says:


  2. C&H Says:


    Zygotes and fallopian tubes and all of that shit.

  3. Rudy Says:


    (kind of weird since I haven’t nor will probably ever meet you in real life, but I like reading your site, so why the hell not?)

  4. hoen Says:

    the repercussions of penis in vagina?


  5. Watson Says:

    Congratulations man!!!

  6. jim Says:

    I can tell you – you can kiss sleep goodby –
    but it is worth it.
    The time goes by faster then you will ever believe – enjoy every moment of it.

    send me an address – I have a couple onezies here

  7. Andy Stone Says:

    Congrats. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I hope you enjoy it as well as I have. Great work on the site too.

  8. Villa Says:

    Congrats as well, I will soon be right there with you..a little girl to add to the family

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