Lazy Sunday Redux: Saturday Edition f. Tim O’Connor and Pancho Moler

Do da stanky leg

It could be nostalgia, the comforting graininess of pre-Panasonic era or the generally low-impact tricks, but in recent years I’ve found that watching mid-to-early-90s footage relaxes me more so than getting me psyched to skate, et cetera. (As long as you steer clear of the spastic multi-pressure flip stuff of course.) So it goes with this 93-94 Tim O’Connor sponsor-me tape that Thrasher posted the other day — he ups the E-Z-Boy factor with the natural floatiness of certain tricks like the kickflip over the pyramid or the nollie over the curb, and the sequence of flippery down the three-stair with the persistent snowbank lurking nearby. And skating curbs. Perhaps some of those lines at the bank wouldn’t make the cut today, but I challenge you to find a better-cut pair of khakis on the current market.

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3 Responses to “Lazy Sunday Redux: Saturday Edition f. Tim O’Connor and Pancho Moler”

  1. Rikku Markka Says:

    The park in that screengrab is Newberg, in NY state. That was my home park. Pretty good park, and definitely worth it in the winter. Big bowl in the back with a spine.

    The two bad things about it were, 1. it was in the ghetto near projects, so it was common to pull up in the parking lot and see empty crack vials and, 2. they held raves there (I’ve always hated raving). I moved away and then heard the placed closed down because some chick got sexually assaulted during a rave.

  2. carbonite Says:

    ha! I had those white agahs…

    funny thing, the “park” where they had “skate nite” in my town (I think Ali Mills first recorded nollie kickflip on flat was filmed there) also had raves. actually, i think it was more like a club where they had skate nite once a week/month or some shit…

  3. Mike Says:

    I used to work at a park and one night they had a rave; we snuck in the side door because we had keys and drank vodka with the ravers. Shit was tight.

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