Hey, Leo Romero Also Is Back On His Bullshit

Shoot the gun

So this RVCA* promo: basically it’s what you would expect, a load of longhairs in tight pants and red shoes, banks, jangly guitars, 5-0s and so on. It’s kind of less interesting to me than the company itself, as I’ve seen honest-to-god rappers wearing RVCA hats (I think in the XXL with Rawss on the cover) which made me wonder if RVCA is maybe far deeper in terms of, you know, cultural reach than I ever suspected, or perhaps they’re just the post-Vans revival DC except a clothing company. Which probably makes zero sense at all. Regardless Nestor Judkins has some really great tricks here, if that’s him hopping up on the backside lipslide and jumping the handrail into the bank, but otherwise this is all kind of by-the-numbers.

That is til 3 minutes in when the stage clears for Leo Romero to unleash the great Baker footage firehose, or at least the stuff that’s not worth saving for the Emerica vid, logo boards be damned. The fakie frontside blunt** opener was a good one I thought, back to the “That’s Life” part where he’d occasionally throw in random difficult ledge tricks in between gliding down gaps. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen any footage in a while but in this promo Leo Romero seems like he’s skating faster and angrier and at times (such as the humpty-hump to backside 180 and the tight-spot kickflips), seemingly for the sheer “fuck” of it, which is kind of a tough thing to communicate in an age awash with so much urban creativity. This is a good section, not great unless you look at it in terms of what he’s still sitting on, namely all the uphill handrail battles which are apparently contesting Heath’s white period for “Stay Gold” bragging rights. Not sure how rare this vid is supposed to be, but worth the free admission for the long slides, flashy frontside flip and artfully selected slams — which actually work for once, following the landed tricks toward the end of the part.

*Am I supposed to write it all in serious capital letters?
**And did I get it right this time? If I had things my way this would be a fakie ollie switch backside noseblunt because it’s totally different than a frontside bluntslide and everybody’s stupid anyway.

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18 Responses to “Hey, Leo Romero Also Is Back On His Bullshit”

  1. Watson Says:

    In other news, I just noticed your articles in the newest Skateboard Mag. Congratulations! That’s sick. Super stoked on how they are credited to Pilot Light.

    I wish I were that mysterious!

  2. rich Says:

    wait what? boil th ocean in TSM? this is the best news ever.

  3. rich Says:

    also, just watched the part. very sick. probably the best footy i’ve seen from leo romero (so far). i greatly enjoyed it and agree with you.

  4. deepan Says:

    can we exchange links

  5. Blue Says:

    I think you should indeed treat yourself to calling it a fakie ollie switch backside noseblunt, rather than save the dumb people their pride.

  6. Trent Says:

    You can make the old-timer’s proud with “frontside half-cab blunt,” but who cares about semantics anyway

  7. nmfa Says:

    ruca purchases space on the trunks on some UFC fighter, – and besides I always had a feeling i the “artist network” was a facade…..

    Spanky: Hey Leo, I need some liquin to mix in with my light hansa- ya got any?

    Leo: Dude, i mostly play guitar so i dunno- call ed, because I know dude paints

  8. Vitis Says:

    Totally a frontside half-cab blunt.

    I may be about to look like a total fuckhead, but where is the first asterisk?

  9. dale Says:

    beside RVCA at the beginning. i had to look twice too.

  10. pilot light Says:

    I added it after spacing it the first time around

  11. Mr. Internet Says:

    Whaaaaaa… honestly now one of my favourite sections EVER. (Whoah – big claim). So so so good. How skating should be.

    Oh, for other people who are too dumb to work out were the link was (was there a link hidden? What do you mean “after the spacing”?) – it’s here on youtuber:

  12. Vitis Says:

    RVCA seems like one of those companies that would go all lowercase on that, like rvca.

  13. Rocuronium Says:

    I don’t even care, but how is rvca pronounced in “the industry”? Ruca? RevCa?

  14. Sean Says:

    rewwka. Pilot Light, the financial crisis article I saw is superb, keep it up.

  15. Zottli Says:

    Guise, that’s a fakie bakckside bluntslide. No part of that trick is frontside.

  16. Zottli Says:

    Though at the time I was made furious by them, the rumors of Alien trying to procure Leo as a rider make a lot of sense at this late date, and sure would have worked out better than Arto. Actually, Arto was most likely the back-up railey when the Leo jazz didn’t pan out.

  17. Rocuronium Says:

    1. Frontside half-cab gives the stance and rotation direction

    2. Frontside bluntslide gives the slide direction

    3. To fakie gives the landing direction.

    “Fakie ollie” tricks should only be used if there is NO rotation (ie fakie ollie bs 50-50), an exception is with fakie tailslides b/c there is usually very little rotating.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    so heath its ill.

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