Eli, It’s Real Velour… Let Yourself Go


Not to be overlooked when nitpicking Paul Rodriguez’s video productions (this also goes for Jereme Rogers’ generally superior “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”) is these dudes’ genuine effort to nurture the alleged next generation of possible pro-level kids, even if that effort does amount to basically attaching their name to some already-in-progress film project. Besides putting people on to your Mike Moes and Daryl Angels and so on, these videos allow semi-established types a chance to re-frame their whole deal and possibly help bust out of the dreaded man-am ranks, types such as one-time World warrior Jason Wakuzawa and former velour tracksuit proponent Eli Reed.

Reed along with Pudwill had one of the hotter sections in the JR vid, his relocation to Southern California apparently helping him develop oodles of crazy switchstance tricks that I personally had no idea he could do (or anybody else either when it came to the Flushing Meadows switch ollie). But, it looks like that part may be a warmup to still yet further bonkers shit in Zoo York’s “State of Mind” video, if Eli Reed’s entry in the Berrics’ venerable “Bangin” series last week is to be believed. All manner of crazy tricks in there — he seems to have learned a bunch of transition stuff in addition to taking some of his older moves, turning them around and doing them down hubbas — and I sorta dig the fact that his switch stuff looks switch, if that makes sense. Meanwhile my personal jury is still out on whether the navy Dickies top the sweat suit.

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7 Responses to “Eli, It’s Real Velour… Let Yourself Go”

  1. mcidraquev Says:

    I had the same impression about the switch looking switch thing. It also happens to me while watching Jake Johnson skating switch.

  2. Watson Says:

    If it were socially acceptable, I’d ensconce myself in velvet.

    Totally with you guys on the switch looking switch thing. I’ve been really picky about this since the very late 90s. Not stoked at all on people where they look the same both ways.

    Fred Gall has a mean switch style, and don’t even get me started on Lennie Kirk.

  3. JNH Says:

    I was watching the Hi-Fi promo and telling someone that I loved how Forrest Kirby’s switch shit really looks switch. That “Bangin” has some sick shit; the flat-bar switch cab lipslide stands out for me.

  4. JNH Says:

    My bad, switch 270 lipslide.

  5. clew Says:

    Maybe i’m weird, but i loved it when i first saw Bastien. I honestly couldn’t tell which stance he was for a while. I think it’s amazing how guy’s like Smolik and Arto can really make their switch skating look clean. Outright ridiculous , though: Cole’s recent switch frontside flip-5-0 and always, Bob’s switch loop…huh?

  6. camelsarelame Says:

    Probably the best write ups in all of skateboard media. This shit is so entertaining to read. keep posting bro!

    and yeah, agreed about the switch looking switch deal

  7. John Says:

    This might be a really obvious question, but who are some examples of people who’s switch looks not-switch? Because that switch stuff looked pretty normal to me, like the 270 lip. Do P-rod’s switch 360 flips piss you off? Also, I’ve really been enjoying people doing fakie nosegrinds down stuff (AVE in mind field, this one in this part)

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