An Autumn With Ace & Gary

“Kevin” Spanky “Long” takes a lotta heat in certain circles for looking like a girl, wearing girls’ trousers, having girly hair, his unabashed hipsterism, and occasionally skating like a girl. The internet’s great unwashed can and will debate these points, but to my mind, there is little debate as to the classic status of this f/s air, just reaching cruising altitude above the rim of Brooklyn’s Autumn Bowl. Photo is from a striking B&W set in the Brandon Westgate “Skateboarder,” snapped by Jonathan Mehring, and for those of you who like to make your ambiguity a double, the Spanky pic butts up against a shot of Dylan Rieder backside crailing with reckless, untamed abandon. Elsewhere there’s a really sick Joey Pepper lip trick sequence that I can’t think up any dumb jokes about.

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3 Responses to “An Autumn With Ace & Gary”

  1. Sean Says:

    I have that one on my wall alongside Gonz’s b/w adidas ad of the wallie handplant maneuver.

  2. art hellman Says:

    I have a fly on my wall. And, oh, to be him!

  3. camelsarelame Says:

    Lol at dylan crailing with “reckless, untamed abandon”

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