The Spirit of Competition

“show you how to hustle”

When you watch this video of Dennis Busenitz at the Adidas Skateboard Clash contest in Berlin and you see:
-the quick set-up switch backside 50-50 (0:30)
-the hip ollie, frontside ollie on the vert wall (1:20)
-smith grind up the little rail/backside lipslide on the slant box/etc line (2:09)
-backside 50-50 up the hubba (3:00), and
-the surprise finishing move (3:30)

Do you:
A. Wonder who else might have possibly won this contest?
B. Already know it was aside-from-Stevie-Ray-Vaughn-tattoo-looks-and-skates-like-he-did-when-he-was-16 Bastien Salabanzi?
C. Ponder how Dennis Busenitz has banked street cred and power-speed skating to such an extent that he has become revered alongside skate message board dieties Bobby Puleo, Julien Stranger and Gino Iannucci?
D. Wonder what Jereme Rogers was doing at the time?

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18 Responses to “The Spirit of Competition”

  1. ? Says:

    E: All of the above, and then masturbate.

  2. ari Says:


  3. whatevs Says:

    He’s the best skateboarder there is right now it’s not debatable. Basically Pure Fucking Ahnihilation personified. It’s great how he never fucks up a manual. Also the 180 to fake manual followed immediately by the switch b/s flip is magical.

  4. mrredmond Says:

    Buzenitz just looks right on a board, I think that’s where a lot of the Gino parrallels are drawn, he’s not setting up for this trick or that trick, he’s just skating. Top speed kickflips look awesome

  5. clew Says:

    Bastien’s got full-cab double-flips, though…Dennis is sick, grass roots.

  6. gmoney Says:

    It’s too bad Dennis didn’t skate in the finals at that contest.

  7. carbonite Says:

    Puleo is decent at skating, but he’s not in the same transcendent realm as gino or julien…and busenitz now, i concur…

  8. NS Says:

    does Julien get extra points for never wearing socks?

  9. art hellman Says:

    seriously? transcendent? blah blah blah busenitz roooooolz.

  10. Steele Says:

    I can’t believe how dead that crowd was… I cheered more from my laptop… insanely good.

  11. mrredmond Says:

    yeah that bothered be too, Europeans are so dry. I should know

  12. 35th lifer Says:

    I noticed the tricks down the double set seemed to stimulate the most cheers,kids these days are so over stimulated that it takes a blow to the head with a crowbar to even rattle there cages about anything, so how could we expect them to relate to or even acknowledge how gifted someone is that doesn’t subscribe to the straight and narrow of whats cool in our industry these days.
    I’d imagine dennis might sell a few more boards if he rolled his brand new path finder or got his last name tatted on his belly, o wait that was the muska and it was 1998?

  13. Daogen Says:

    Whyyy did you have to say “full cab”? And why, oh why would that, combined with a double flip, be a good thing?

  14. pt Says:

    dave you better not b ’35th lifer’

  15. Rikku Markka Says:

    Busenitz is so good. The fact that he is skating everything, and not stopping to pick up his board and walk to the top of a quarter to drop in and do a hardflip counts so much more to me. I can watch him do this all day, rather than watch the Tampa contests, because Tampa runs consist of: a kickflpip over the pyramid, axle stall in the quarter, then FS flip over the hip. Pick up board, run to the top of a quarter, drop in and back lip the flatbar. That’s all I ever see from Tampa.

  16. coda Says:

  17. coda Says:


  18. shitkicker Says:

    isnt reverse jenga tetris? just saying.

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