From The Window, To The Wall

The bong in this reggae song

One wonders if this new age of up-rail tricks and high-speed hops are the beginnings of skateboarding’s next arms race and the inevitable pendulum-swing away from ledge-combo tech skating, or if it’s just a placeholder before we see pro-bros shift their focus back to fulltime handrail/gap chomping. I’m looking to the early 90s pressure flip heyday as a benchmark here by the way. Parking lot pavement chewed up hot-dog shaped sticks for hours upon hours in kids’ pursuit of the most flippin’est flatground moves possible, which in turn helped clear the way for Jeremy Wray and Kris Markovich and Ricky Oyola and his Metallica CD to re-assert a different idea of what we skateboard riders should be concerned with, namely power and speed, which the Busenitzes and Romeros and Olsons and Salazars bring to bear nowadays – replace K-mart parking lots with wax-dripping ledges, sheared-off boards with worn down wheels, etc etc.

If you haven’t seen the Adidas Europe video, called “Diagonal” for reasons that escape me right now, you are probably already familiar with the shocking and true story of how Dennis Busenitz hurdled one of those Sants benches (as well as the stairs). If you watched the whole thing you know that Barcelona has its own version of Rob G, Mark Gonzales does some cool tricks, Tim O’Connor still skates gaps, Petr Horvat and Jeremy Reinhard may eventually rival Dylan Rieder for high school girls’ locker-door space, and there’s another good Sean Malto part. The real question though is what got into Chewy Cannon, who skates pretty much like he did before, only thrice as fast and at times seeming like he’s pulling tricks out of a hat that’s in the process of flying off his head as he charges the next hubba or manual block or, at times, old lady.* Anyway what’s cool about this part is not just that the dude is blazing fast and, in the Busenitz tradition, maintains good form and hangs onto tricks for dear life (backside tailslide that one rail hubba) but that he seems like he’s got some new tricks in the mix, which isn’t easy or anything. And, God damn it all, he looks like he’s having fun, even whilst dining on an ashtray or “bin” or however the Europeans term those things. My current working theory: perhaps he’s simply high on life, just like the Baker dudes in their new tour video.

*Is there something with Euro dudes and getting in old people’s face? I mean damn. Referring here to Jani Latiala’s last trick in the Blind video and all those tricks the Lordz guys popped over the poor old dude sitting in the little chair at the end of the block in “They Don’t Give A Fuck…”.

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7 Responses to “From The Window, To The Wall”

  1. Kevin Parrott Says:

    That Chewy part was great.
    Good call.

  2. smorales Says:

    The Chewy and Raul Navarro parts started that video off really good. I only watched it once but I remember liking other parts after as well. The knee slides on street were sweet. Don’t forget the secret Pete Eldridge in the last few minutes.

  3. mcidraque Says:

    i live in front of sants and was there the day he jumped over the bencha and stairs, amazing. About Chewy, he’s great and is a great example of the switch looking switch thing, that sw feeble is great.

  4. clew Says:

    Dennis has really become and awesome switch skater, his skill set at the speed he skates is just amazing.

  5. dead eye Says:

    no mention of Lem Villemin?
    thought that part was nice

  6. Rocuronium Says:

    I think ” diagonal” is refers to 1) The diagonal three stripes on adidas’, 2) “oblique” as opposed to right angles and straight lines (ie: an indulgent referral to MG, skateboarding’s Dali/Cubist Picasso (a tough sell since these diagonal lines are perfectly parallel and progress in height in a proportional and linear slope and are lined with perfectly identical isocelese triangle saw teeth (so German!).
    Sick video.

  7. The Captain Says:

    “no mention of Lem Villemin?
    thought that part was nice”
    Since Sean Malto is not in the video I guess
    “There is another good Sean Malto part”
    Was referring to Villemin – since they’re kinda spit out of the same hole.

    Didn’t get it, huh?

    What about the Ă–zgudwhathisface? He’s killing it!

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