Last of the Fucked Up Blind Kids

A post in which we reference the Venga Boys and the overall tone is pretty positive

The summer video season is upon us, with what seems like two videos dropping every week and as if to prove the point, I just saw this preview for the new Black Label video that apparently is coming out next month and most definitely features a bunch of kids I’m not familiar with. All of which means that A. I’m over the hill, again, and B. well behind on the commentating, such as it is. I’ll expound elsewhere about the Blind video, known to some as “The Blind Video,” based on the true story about filming a Blind video. If you have not seen it here are the critical plot points: Jake Duncombe likes to party and as such will one day skate to a Venga Boys song. Jake Brown manufactures t-shirts with the F-word on them and does one of the zanier manuals in a while, Grant Patterson prefers big gaps, tall tees, and music by/for/about the ghetto. Morgan Smith is extremely Canadian, Jani Latiala catches some of his flip tricks really weird, Ronnie Creager glides.

But a few more words and possibly a couple mixed metaphors are due James Craig, however, who to my mind turned in the best section of this video and possibly the best of his career. You could probably make a case for how James Craig represented the rear guard of 1990s World riders, and elsewhere Carbonite submitted “The Blind Video” as the most “Trilogy”-like World production since “Trilogy” which I can sort of see, and sort of not see. For sure a lot of these lines could have been performed in a schoolyard or UC campus of your choosing, but it’s more how this James Craig section fulfills the promise of his Blind amateur footage like this when he was something of a pre-PJ Ladd PJ Ladd (also noting the last trick symmetry with Craig’s first line in this year’s production, yes).

James Craig has also engineered a sort of double comeback with this part… in the unfortunately titled “What If” video it was clear he had pretty much all his tricks back, and then some, but his arms were all over the place to such a degree you wonder if Torey Pudwill used to watch it and take down shaky, jagged notes. He made it partway back with the surprise section in “Get Familiar” (that bigspin flip) but I gotta say I wasn’t expecting him in 2009 to be running around doing high-speed switch heelflip smith grinds, noseblunts to switch backside tailslides, and that rocket launcher kickflip that maybe exorcised some of the triple-set demons of days past. The dude could be a candidate for the short list of people who can pass off varial kickflips and it’s likely the frontside heelflip on flat will rank among the season’s best. We here at BTO try not to read into pro skaters’ motivations and/or feelings that much but this section has the serious “fun” vibe.

Bonus: James Craig’s part from the Razor Sharp vid

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13 Responses to “Last of the Fucked Up Blind Kids”

  1. mdspb Says:

    Bravo, sir…Bravo.

  2. JK Says:

    His “Get Familiar” part is great. Always glad to see him back after that knee.

  3. Skate Nazi Says:

    I’ve hated the Lakers for years, but James Craig has always been a class act. Was he on Society with Robbie McKinley? Society Dogs!

  4. clew Says:

    Switch heelflip back tails, the Lakers, and Coronas.

  5. roll Says:

    painfully canadian? ouch BTO, i thought you had love. Morgan smith i’ll agree, not to much to watch, but does that really have anything to do w/ being canadian? Grant patterson is gonna wrap you up in an XXXXXL tee and…

    nollie front foot flip you

  6. JK Says:

    Fuck yeah! He was on Society, that was a good team in its day.
    On a completely unrelated note, the Roskopp shirt in this photo is sick.

  7. Watson Says:

    “…but his arms were all over the place to such a degree you wonder if Torey Pudwill used to watch it and take down shaky, jagged notes.”

    I full on laughed out loud, loudly.

    I didn’t find Morgan Smith as painfully Canadian as Paul Trep(anier).

  8. Gerardo Says:

    To bad james rides for Power shoes, I know eh can do better than that. Also, I think the most painfulyl canadian person is Spencer Hamilton hands down

  9. BacParty Says:

    “Macio is rockin on the radiooooo!”

  10. Mister Says:

    For some reason, Craig always kind of reminded me of James Duval.

  11. Rocuronium Says:

    I’m calling the next post: Jereme Rogers, again!

  12. pt Says:

    i think morgan smith was simply play-acting, after winning the role of sam devlin

  13. Captain Knutsen Says:

    I just cannot like this James Craig. It’s like he’s a skinny dude who skates like a fat dude who doesn’t really want to skate. Weird, I’d actually prefer some canadian pain, Morgan Smith is allright in my book, what’s wrong with doing some tricks. Sure, the lil’ manny pad jerking could be left out, but whatevs. I guess tricks aren’t trendy these days.

    I didn’t interpret the Pilot’s description of Grant P as dissing, since I’m pretty sure he too prefers music by/for/about the mentioned socio-geograpic(?) areas to some extent.

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