A Family Affair

This preemptive Father’s Day post brought to you by the Wilt Chamberlain Genealogy Foundation

The whole mainstreaming thing that’s gone down the last decade or so hasn’t just put Cristal on the table and Aston Martins in the garage of your favoritest pros, it’s caught the attention of soccer moms and hockey dads the nation over, board by board and blown-out shoe by shoe. Probably a mixed bag in general, with each heartwarming father-son backyard ramp building session matched by EXPN-wise would-be momagers quizzing hapless team managers at demos, demanding a roadmap to Shecklerdom. Was it like this in the 80s? Surely Christian Hosoi could provide a longwinded answer that would save souls in the process, but I can offer only run-on sentences and Ace of Base references.

It’s easy to tot up the often lame/annoying/embarrassing aspects of increased parental involvement – at least one blogging skateboarder has a mom that still asks why he doesn’t wear a helmet, after nearly two decades of this nonsense – but this Philadelphia Weekly story on Love Park casts skateboard parents in a new role, namely defenders against (alleged) police brutality:

That’s precisely why 37-year-old Jen Chattin plans on attending this year’s [Go Skateboarding Day] with her sons. “I’ll even skateboard,” says the single mother of four boys. She’s fired up and ready to raise hell about the fact that a cop put his hands on her son.

It’s hard to say whether this type of thing will galvanize moms and dads as to the legitimacy of skating spots (as opposed to parks) but it’ll be interesting to see how things develop in the next decade or so, as this type of situation comes up more often, and the ranks of parents who skate themselves gradually expands. Aside from a clunky description of skate action at Love and heavy reliance on an internet message board as a source, it’s a good article, you should check it out if you’re bored in work/class. See if you can spot the paraphrased Stevie Williams quote.

Bonus: This sort of amazing quote from one of the few cops that talked for the story…

“It’s illegal for a reason,” contends Wilson. “They’ve broken those blocks [on the floor of the park] and popped them up so they can use them as ramps. They grind all that marble [sic] to shame. If they were just kids who rolled through and didn’t do any damage, that would be one thing, but they’re not.” 

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5 Responses to “A Family Affair”

  1. tr Says:

    yep — ‘run skate chill’ definitely raised the brows

  2. theProgram Says:

    ha, skate-run-chill. so good.

  3. kay Says:

    a 37 year old single mom is skating to support her sons? ha, she’s trolling for cock.

  4. knownun Says:

    Your blog is dope. The skate-nerd insight combined with actual writing skill is unstoppable. LOL “…I can offer only run-on sentences and Ace of Base references.”

  5. steve_o_415@hotmail.com Says:

    “It’s hard to say whether this type of thing will galvanize moms and dads as to the legitimacy of skating spots (as opposed to parks)”

    been going down for years, off the top of my head I think of Cody Davis (hot mom drivin him around to spots) and Will Marshall (crazy dad giving free beer to dist reps and driving around philly with his 12 year old son hitting spots)

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