Zoo York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

Hey guys, I’m on my New York shit

Remember how Jay-Z won rap and then retired to marry his girlfriend and get a desk job, but then he came back with a red CD, but he didn’t sound very excited? The CD was red and he had a song with the guy from Radiohead Jr, and rapped about how being in your late 30s was really cool, and he didn’t even mention Cam’ron and it just wasn’t the same… If I remember correctly the CD was called “Best of Both Worlds Vol 2 Unfinished Business.”

So this new Zoo video, which overall is kinda good, and kind of not, basically the same way I feel about the pole-positioned Brandon Westgate. You know, as much as you gotta respect the obvious skills and wish the kid well I really cannot get into his skating that much. Because no matter how fast he’s going (and he clearly is) it looks slow a lotta the time and he seems to be stricken with little kid style and weird, slow kickflips, not to mention a serious and persistent rocket issue on the hardflip, although the up-moves and Duffy-esque last trick are cool. In other general grousing, Anthony Shetler should’ve stayed on Birdhouse, and unfortunately no amount of gritty-city profiling clips and Big L will sell me on Chaz Ortiz.

Matt Miller rips it to pieces though. Kind of was mixed on his TWS part last summer, for whatever reason, but his mastery of the backside noseblunts (see: the Pier ledge) and strategic inclusion of the Redman raps shall not be denied; how come he doesn’t get to be a pro? The dudes with big hair generally ruled this video – it could have done with double the amount of Ron Deily footage, like an East Coast Nick Trapasso. The run with the switch backside smith grind is so good and the booster nolle b/s heelflip is so bananas, I could watch the dude skate all day. Not so much Lamare Hemmings, who is smooth and very much inoffensive in most every way, and Aaron Suski, whose execution and approach I dig but, always kind of feel as though I’m obligated to be a bigger fan of the dude than I actually am. Good skating however.

The older dudes deliver for the most part – KT’s was too brief and had a couple substandard clips but that frontside k-grind is TOTY material, and you could make a similar argument about Forrest Kirby and his switch wallride, but that dude seems genuinely sparked off his CCD classes and newfound author status and cranked out probably the best video part I personally can remember in ten years or so. Tha Plat is calling Donny Barley’s swan song and didn’t seem too jazzed, I definitely dug the section but the fact that it reignited the movie after Chaz Ortiz helped a lot. They should’ve started it with the downhill night line, there should’ve been more night footage in general really.

Questionable music supervision aside Eli Reed comes through in his big moment, chewing spots and spitting out weird little tech moves that sometimes are kind of slow but always at least interesting, and he gets the church bells ringing at that courthouse spot, amongst others. And Zered Basset with another two-song closer, breaking out his bag of switch heelflips, switch 360 flips, backside flips and switch 50-50s to the tune of Ronnie James Dio and the boys from Brownsville (pretty much as ingenious as whoever got the idea to pair MOP and Foreigner in the first place). Too many crazy tricks to count (in particular, the switch noseblunt slide) but when it came to the switch 360 flip lipslide, they should’ve slotted it for the generous bonus round, and here’s hoping the day comes when people stop doing that trick to regular`. Crazy move, like this video is pretty good actually, but something’s off. Perhaps they need to put Anthony Correa back on. And film more shit at night.

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9 Responses to “Zoo York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”

  1. cluglife Says:

    zoo vid was alright, would be kee to know your thoughts on the powel ‘fun’ video, just saw it was way outta left field.

  2. Rudy Says:

    I can’t really get behind all the Brandon Westgate hype either.

  3. John Says:

    Westgate seems like a kid who should do a lot more tech tricks than he actually does.

  4. Watson Says:

    Dude, I am always SO BUMMED when people do 360 flip lips to fakie, be it regular or switch. It just ruins the flow of the whole trick! I seriously was just talking about this the other day to my friend. I’ve griped about it for ages.


  5. tr Says:

    the switch three sixty-flip lipslide TO REGULAR is neat, like some contemporary san francisco-era lennie kirk/fred gall

  6. carbonite Says:

    (pretty much as ingenious as whoever got the idea to pair MOP and Foreigner in the first place)

    …but not as ingenious as the MOP x Bert x Ernie vid

  7. Watson Says:

    Oh my god, that video is fucking amazing. Mash up videos like that on You Tube are frequently and constantly horrible, but that one was amazing.

    I’m also a little bit disturbed by how precisely it all times out. Not to mention not only the knowledge you would have to have of Bert and Ernie clips, but the archives you must have to access from.

  8. pilot light Says:

  9. Mighty Whitey Says:

    Diggin’ the LCD soundsystem props in the title.

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