Serious As Cancer

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Depending on whom you ask, Powell (was it Powell Peralta again for a shot while there?) is either an enduring monument to the successes and excesses of ’80s skateboarding, a third- or fourth-tier farm team company that’s been home to high-ollie champions and future SOTYs, or a stalwart supplier of blank decks. It has yet to be seen whether the new “FUN!” video will reassert Powell’s seat at the table of board brands people care about or catapult its featured amateurs to, er, am status on bigger/better board companies, but it’s an impressive effort even beyond the skating (which is roundly pretty awesome) – a statement of purpose from a notoriously directionless camp, with the only ones that seem to care much about the whole affair probably ranking fairly low on the pay scale. Pretty much your classic rag-tag team of misfits taking a shot at the little league title or whatever, in a video that could only begin with a Spongebob song.

Since it’s unlikely that one video is going to turn the Powell ship, which has been floating aimlessly art-direction and team-wise for over a decade now, a more constructive game might be to parse “FUN!” re: the likelihood of different dudes getting tossed lifelines to other teams. Opening dude Josh Hawkins would probably be one, despite some kind of weird body varials out of tricks. He does this immaculate bluntslide kickflip and lands a cartilage-crushing noseblunt toward the end of his part, which features some pretty sizable gap skating. Also the relentlessly rounded Ben Hatchell, spinning a feeble grind whirligig in the shallow end and back-to-back flipping in the full-pipes. He has the crucial Cab cameo and also offers some handrail heroics to and beyond a double-kink feeble grind, crazy tricks that could maybe land him on Real or something; maybe Almost could get some of these dudes when Lutzka’s contract finally runs out.

Meantime former Element-For-Lifer Dallas Rockvam gets his AVE weight up on a fat wallie to backside 50-50, the gap-to-rail lovin’ Aldrin Garcia hops a fence to a puffer-fish landing and scores a sweet look-back after a big backside flip. John White, previously a paralegal and in close competition with Mike Anderson for most generic name in skating right now, is working with a new light-footed technique that isn’t bad and skids a sick backside noseblunt at the Crailtap electro-box ledge. On the topic of names, Derek Elmendorf has thankfully moved beyond of the lamer nicknames around, and winds down a hammer-ready section with a bizarro fakie ollie to switch feeble grind and that 50-50 that must be seen to be believed.

Flarey ledge combos in this video include a noseslide to back noseblunt, nose manual to b/s noseblunt and f/s boardslide spin-around to noseblunt, but all things considered it’s a pretty big guns-focused affair that sees Wallenberg varial heelflipper Jordan Hoffart emptying the clip to “Panama,” stepping right up to the Staples Center hubba as he generally gets his Muska on. Noseslide shove-it transfer on a beefy block, a double-set jump to 5-0, long cranked-out k-grinds and gapping out over some stairs that I’d been waiting the whole vid for somebody to do. He goes Billy Marks a little later with that Slap “Curtains” curtains trick, and there’s a finishing move that surely resets some type of bar. It would be impressive if Hoffart and everybody else refused all offers in favor of mutinying the Powell ship, stuffing old George in the brig and pointing the prow toward glory and treasure, but there’s a time to fish and a time to cut bait, and you gotta think that with these kids’ buckets full of freshly heaving lunkheads it’s time to see what kind of price they’ll fetch on the open market. And so ends this extended deep-sea fishing metaphor.

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5 Responses to “Serious As Cancer”

  1. clew Says:

    For some reason i want to see this vid, even though the thought of giving George Powell more money? Those guys are dicks that run that show. Jordan Hoffart has that Zered-feel about him…

  2. camelsarelame Says:

    Strangely enough, kids are actually asking for Powell boards! The team came through town and skated a demo (used very loosely here; a jam?) and premiered the video a while before it hit shelves and it actually got the young guys excited. We’ve probably sold 15-20 Powell boards since they rolled through a few months ago. They are even establishing their industry dark-man-with-a-persona type of guy which is cool. I think his name is something Dewitt?

    Personally, I liked the first two parts but after that I just turn it off.

  3. girthbrooks Says:

    Just found out about yer blog and linked the shit posthaste. please return the favor.

  4. cluglife Says:

    cheers. much enjoy the writing.

  5. Mark Says:

    Re: Powell’s art direction.

    PP had the best graphics ever, McGill had that Skull/Snake graphic for something like 11 years. It worked then and in today’s ironic times it can work now.
    Bring back VCJ, or at least someone who can imitate his style and get those gnarly skulls back in the mix. Powell have just about enough credibility (ok, NO credibility) so they’ll be able to get away with tapping in on their rich (but recently unremarkable) history.

    And no, I’m not some fat, sweaty, bitter pool skater that just does scratchy 5-0s and hangs out on the S&B forums.

    And another thing, stop giving mindless fuckwit pros free reign to produce ‘funny’ graphics of in-jokes only them and their bros will get in their home town (this isn’t a atypical of Powell, just make sure they don’t do it). Art direction is king. Fuck these throwaway graphics that only run for a season.

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