For The Record

In 1988, pro skateboarder Mike Vallely revolutionized the skateboarding sport

My pleas to let anticipation and tension build ahead of the inevitable BATB Round 2: Daewon Song’s Revenge having fallen on deaf ears, exhaustive coverage of the first quadrant is already under way so I suppose I ought to post my picks for posterity, seeing’s how I’m already 1-for-2 or however it’s termed in actual sporting phrasology. After hanging tough in one of those Es games of skate a few years back and that surprise caballerial kickflip last time around I thought Jamie Thomas had a little bit more in him, but as millions of kids 15 years younger than I already know, he did not. Perhaps chomping too many frontside k-grinds. BTO fared a bit better in the Cole v. Vallely matchup, but just barely, as the Colester’s good-natured agreement to bend the rules in favor of ’80s Skate Rags maneuvers produced probably one of the most fun to watch episodes thus far. Honestly I thought Mike V was pretty amiable about the whole thing and it would’ve been amazing to see one of these with Eric Koston or Mike Carroll. Let this stand as a warning, kids, a cautionary tale of what can happen to your switch heelflips if you choose to focus your energy on quasi-celebrity hockey blogging and acting in Kevin James vehicles.


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13 Responses to “For The Record”

  1. chops Says:

    glad i wasn’t the only one who went with JT on this one…

    felt like a fool afterwards but he did bust out that 360 doubleflip in the first Battle.

  2. zarosh Says:

    i like how the chief got a letter for skating too slowly

  3. Bryan Says:

    Did anyone else shit their fucking pants when Mike V landed a 360 flip?

  4. Captain planet Says:

    Ive watched too many Adidas pod casts to bet against Dennis in the first round. I didnt think JT would be a cake walk but he just doesn’t have the stamina to go head to head with Busenitz.
    The Mike V vs Chris Cole game was thoroughly entertaining. Cole seems to be such a humble dude and that was awesome he let the rules slide.
    On another note, they should have changed the rules in BATB2 to allow for no-comply tricks. That shit can get crazy and is more fun to watch then a switch flip or whatever.

  5. Captain Knutsen Says:

    The Buse is the baddizt..

    Hey, Boil The Ocean:
    Your language is college’d way the fuck out of proportions. We get it: You’re smart; but shit is getting out of hand here.

  6. shvitz Says:

    The Mike V battle was the most entertaining in ages — that 360 flip was off the heezy.

  7. 00000 Says:

    How unfortunate is it for Chris Cole that he can do any trick he wants yet Mike Vallely has better looking flip tricks than him.

    I idiotically picked JT to win but Busenitz just shit all over him. Smoked and watched it with my friends and we couldn’t stop laughing at how bad Busenitz made him look. Damn, that’s embarrassing.

  8. Watson Says:

    “Hey, Boil The Ocean:
    Your language is college’d way the fuck out of proportions. We get it: You’re smart; but shit is getting out of hand here.”


  9. Roger Says:

    “Hey, Boil The Ocean:
    Your language is college’d way the fuck out of proportions. We get it: You’re smart; but shit is getting out of hand here.”

    Yeah, let’s be dumb! Skateboarding needs more belligerence and so does the internet!

  10. DamnDanMan Says:

    pudwill over carlin? you gotta be crazy

  11. Captain Knutsen Says:

    Dude. I was just trying to be funny. And it worked!
    The Internet (and skateboarding too) definetely needs more grumpiness.

  12. Francis Says:

    Sorry, Mike was a joke. they are going to bend the rules for that under-shaved Rollins wanna be? Sad.

  13. Just Sayin « boil the ocean Says:

    […] For the record. Cole v. P-rod was pretty stellar, but as ever, the runner-up match with Cory Kennedy and Torey Pudwill took the cake… Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)2. Torey Pudwill, “Dudes Dudes Dudes” […]

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