tak: “I think they started drinking way before it started”

“You guys live in little shelters where you don’t answer questions”

I hadn’t tuned in to Patrick O’Dell’s “Skate Talk” live internet webcast chat call-in show before tonight, because I generally forget about this stuff until I read about it elsewhere a dozen or so times, but for whatever reason I recalled that Heath Kirchart was going to be taking questions from the assembled minds of the web-enabled skateboard community. So I cued it up in the background while I parsed the canned statements around the Active purchase and after a half-hour was set to write it off as another failed web 2.0 experiment, like message-board interviews with freeze-ups and a fuzzbox phone… until the slurs got the better of Heath Kirchart and he started demanding to know why it took them five (?) weeks to slot him as a guest on the show.

“I mean, you guys are my friends…”
“Why was I not a guest?” (Asked every 15 seconds or so)
“Why did you only ask me after Nick Trapasso defaulted??” (asked when the point was made that Heath Kirchart was a guest right now. He kept returning to the word “defaulted” which I thought was interesting for whatever reason)
“Why am I only being asked now. Why”
“Why did it take five weeks to have me on?”
“I’m your backup”
“Boosh, you’re not in a position to be making decisions”

To some extent skateboarding is about exerting control over your environment, sort of, and it speaks to the mastery of Heath Kirchart that he’s apparently able to do this in social situations as well, since the last 20 to 30 minutes of the show were basically variations on this theme. Which was far more entertaining than watching him roll his eyes at questions about Berrics strategies. Though he did lay to rest the question that has kept many a skateboard blogger awake nights: “was your last trick in Mind Field a tribute to Josh Beagle?” Answer, no.

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6 Responses to “tak: “I think they started drinking way before it started””

  1. Watson Says:

    Ahahah lots of people complained about this, and think that Heath looked like a baby.

    I loved it.

    Classic Heath. I think it’s pretty safe to assume by now that besides his skating sections, he’ll never give you what you want. If you think you’re going to get a straight interview out of the guy, forget about it. Just enjoy the hilariousness.

    I also like how at the end that Bob guy and O’Dell were even clearly uncomfortable with how much Heath was asking, and decided to end it.

    Unfortunately my question “How old old were the naked bitches in Barbarians At The Gate? They don’t look old enough to be naked on VHS. Also did you or Beagle fuck any of them?” Never got answered.

  2. dylan Says:

    Any chance you waited 2hours after it ended, to see bob and everyone do drunk karaoke? haha
    it was hilarious to see him sing random madonna and morrissey songs

  3. pizza Says:

    the after party was jumpin! Bob was taking karaoke requests and taking off his shirt.

  4. andrew wk Says:

    hey heath, i called [ i want my style back ].

  5. andrew wk Says:

    hey heath i called [ i want my style back ]

  6. andrew wk Says:

    dude heath im flattered if you want to dress like me

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