Turf Talk


You know how when you look at old photos from the 70s, they’ve got that weird look about them – not just the colors and clothes and so on but the people too, like everybody just woke up in a disco or some such. I feel kinda the same way about older skate pics – if it’s the way they’re composed, the outfits, tricks, spots, whatever, I don’t know. This shot of Sam Hitz backside hitzin’ the coping at Milwaukee’s storied Turf skatepark is a nice example, though theoretically this same photo could be snapped today. From Thrasher’s always-good photo annual, aka the Antwuan Dixon magazine, which has a few other photos from the glory days of the Turf along with this kid Tom Remillard doing a zany f/s rock-n-roll.

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2 Responses to “Turf Talk”

  1. theProgram Says:

    i actually really like photos from back then. that Turf article was incredible…such great photos.

    i once read an interview with JGB where he said something about the pads and helmets “ruining” a lot of skate photos from that time period, but i absolutely disagree. there’s something about the way the small little rector pads and the stupid huge helmets sets the scene for the photo that i really like.

  2. dflynn Says:

    There was no coping in the capsule.

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