Mike Vallely Films the First ‘Battle Commander’ Part I Watch More Than Once

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When the untamed New Jerseyan, slam poet and personal brand that is Mike Vallely parked his black novelty sportscar outside the Berrics’ hallowed walls, we should have known something was up. Inviting the streetplanting hockey blogger to a technical flip-trick contest for which he was ill-suited was silly enough, and while Vallely kept a lid on his famously flaring temper throughout what looked like a pretty lighthearted affair, it stands to reason that he/his people wanted a little sugar to go with the tough flatground medicine that Chris Cole was dishing out. And so it swung onto the interwebs this weekend, the Mike Vallely “Battle Commander” section, crushing preconceived notions of skateboarding and reality itself. Sort of exactly like the iconic monster truck scene from “Road House.”

These little parts have been used by marquee pros to tease “legit” video parts and test-drive new tricks, but for me at least they’re generally snoozers, seeings’ how it is a part filmed entirely in one skatepark (dramatic light notwithstanding). For Vallely though this is kind of the ultimate environment. It’s a park for one, and the dude has filmed entire documentaries and TV miniseries in parks. Their legal nature provides him plenty of tries for the type of big jumps that get the kids on their feet, and the Berrics’ malleable format gives Vallely’s inner elephant plenty of room to swing its tattooed trunk and plant its broad feet here and there, as the whims of Vallely dictate. At one point they even show him drilling down a board that I thought was going to facilitate an even more huger boneless, but in a typical Mike V twist, he uses it for a drop-in (!) and leaves me confounded once more.

There are all types of amazing tricks in this part though, set off with that somersault/cartwheel into the Chris Cole-approved streetplant transfer thing. Vallely shits upon naysayers, breaking out his legendary no-handed 360 flip along with a couple other flip tricks that incorporate grabs and/or walking up a hubba ledge. Proving that he pays more attention to “new school” skating than he likes to let on, he throws in an up-the-stairs move, along with an up-rail trick with a launch-ramp assist, an obvious reference to “Storm”-era T-bone. Also he wears a vest.

Mike Vallely has been many things to many people. For instance he was once a vegetarian, a lifestyle he left behind in order to chew scenery in the Paul Blart movie. He’s been called more politician than skateboarder, but what I think Mike V is, is a showman. And he figured out a while ago that he tends to perform best in controlled environments, with the possible exception of Warp Tours, where it seems like just about anything goes. Revolution Mutha music included, this really was the most entertaining Berrics segment I’ve watched in a long time. A few tricks over that hot rod and two solid minutes of purposeful pushing and it would’ve been easily the best part Mike V has filmed in the last 20 years.

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16 Responses to “Mike Vallely Films the First ‘Battle Commander’ Part I Watch More Than Once”

  1. JK Says:

    Vallely vs Swayze as “Dalton”- who ya got?

  2. Rocuronium Says:

    Sam Elliot

  3. John Says:

    An even huger boneless? So funny. Also, did you notice Vallely’s cameo in the hang over movie? He threw some tuxedos out of a van on the freeway to our exasperated protagonists. Fuckin random

  4. bobby Says:

    haha, thanks man, that post was hilarious, in a subtle way

  5. Captain planet Says:

    Yeah the backside finger-flip to disaster was cool to see. Also the Kf footplant up the hubba to land in the bank was also very cool. But the varial flip mute grab kinda blew me away.

  6. jeremey Says:

    Surprisingly psyched on the vid, the cameo in the hangover was hilarious

  7. Vitis Says:


  8. johjoh Says:

    As being a fan of skateboarding past, present, etc…i really cant hate on the clips. Kinda got hyped on seeing tricks that i would never try in a milli years.

  9. david Says:

    Skating to your own song? The confederate flag license plate? The car is awesome, but having it in your skate video part?
    At this point I don’t think it is possible for him to anything with out embarrassing himself in some way.

  10. carbonite Says:

    1. Vallely lost all hockey credibility when he started backing the Ducks. What the fuck, man…LET’S GO DEVILS

    2. He should have brought a couple of those Orange stacks into the berrics and done an acid drop boneless fingerflip texas plant (or some shit) off of them

  11. Skate Nazi Says:

    So you only watched Guy’s Battle Commander the one time, but this gets multiple viewings? Interesting.

  12. clew Says:

    I like Mike V and his Affliction shirts and Power to the Planet boards (not to mention the Confederate flag on his trans-am), but Brandon Biebel’s part shits all over his. Not to mention his band sux…bad song.

  13. John Says:

    fuck, I just watched it for the second time too… Say what you will about Vallely (and don’t say anything nice), but at least he does his airwalks correctly.

  14. Freddie Mercury's Mustache Says:


  15. killinit wayhard Says:

    Wow, I couldn’t agree more. I mean I’m not to fond of the guy, but his battle commander was deffinatly one of his best part since the world industries videos. The only thing I’m not down with is his poltics and his “I’ll kick your ass if you don’t buy my skateboards!” note, I don’t buy chinese toys. I’d buy blanks made in Wisconsin before I buy a cheap over priced Chinese deck.

  16. OaklandPete Says:

    Vallely is the Rollins of skateboarding. I enjoyed his Battle Commander and I think he has finally found his place in modern skateboarding after a long time of trying to keep up with the new kids and just looking confused and angry. The recent Josiah Gatlyn Recruits part is the best Berrics part thusfar, though.

    I’m also disappointed that this blog had no mention of Jordan Richter anywhere.

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