So I Keep On Buying Porsches


Apropos of not very much I’m going in for a video clip post because I’m busy as all hell this week. Rather than try and formulate some kind of commentary around this mess, and until I get my act together enough to address the TWS vid and this other shoe topic, I present to you this already-sort-of-old-in-internet-time Tyler Bledsoe clip from Etnies that has kind of a Michael Sieben twang to it. New tricks and I can dig it; it’s like the taller the kid gets the easier it is to watch his skating. The pop out of some of these tricks is sort of ridiculoid (particularly the b/s lipslide to b/s tailslide at the AVE ledge), and can we get some type of You Will Soon poll on the historical equivalent to the A’s fitted that so many youngsters favor nowadays? Make it so…

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5 Responses to “So I Keep On Buying Porsches”

  1. Watson Says:

    I think you’re too smart for me, as I am not sure what this poll would be about. But e-mail me the poll and the choices and I will make it so….

    You know I ain’t got shit else to poll about anyway.

  2. dale Says:

    sorry to sound ignorant but i don’t understand the porsche reference.

  3. JNH Says:

    The pop-out on the back-lip FS pop-shuv is ridiculous, its looks like its an additional foot above the ledge. I’m really digging his FS 360’s, too.

  4. OaklandPete Says:

    Let’s go Oakland.

  5. clew Says:


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