Once Upon A Time I Think I Didn’t Hate the Band MGMT

Joey Brezinski leads a scrappy team of crime-fighting guinea pigs in the outrageous animated adventure “Right Foot Forward”

I’ve been a Joey Brezinski fan but sometimes it’s hard. He’s always spinning around. So you really have to pay attention to know what’s going on in a general way. Plus I think he gets so mindbendlingly tech’ed out that he sometimes forgets how to execute your obligatory street pro tricks like the kickflip backside tailslide, and looks a little off when he does them.

So you can imagine my surprise when I put on this new Transworld video and discovered that Brezinski has gone back to the basics. Comparatively. By which I mean, the average length of combo-trick names in his “Right Foot Forward” section came in a bit lower than that of his recent Cliche video part, exhaustively chronicled earlier. He didn’t manage to crack the hallowed 15-word threshold, but did come pretty close at one point. Breakdown is as follows:

-Switch nose manual fakie bigspin manual drop-down to manual backside 180 out (12 words, 77 characters)
-Backside nosegrind shove-it to backside tailslide to fakie (8 words, 59 characters)
-Halfcab kickflip nose manual backside tailslide to fakie (8 words, 57 characters)
-Backside tailslide to fakie manual half-cab kickflip (7 words, 53 characters)
-Frontside noseslide nollie bigspin switch manual 180 (7 words, 53 characters)
-Halfcab noseslide to nose manual nollie heelflip (7 words, 48 characters)
-Half-cab kickflip manual revert half-cab kickflip (6 words, 50 characters)
-Frontside noseslide fakie manual bigspin kickflip (6 words, 50 characters)

Aural fatigue aside this is a pretty good effort from the manual madman and I kind of dig how he tries to grubby up his squeaky-clean manual act with some of those dingy wallride spots the youth* are so fond of these days. The simple(r) shit was good too, like the backside 5-0 to switch f/s crooked grind and the backside double flip, and that zany powerslide move turned out far better than it probably should have. We’ll get into the whole aesthetic of the TWS vid a bit later on, but I’m respecting the Holland/Ray vision as far as these levitation clips too – the type of thing that doesn’t take a whole lot of time away from the actual skating but adds to the overall, er, vibe. Brah.

*no, no, no

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5 Responses to “Once Upon A Time I Think I Didn’t Hate the Band MGMT”

  1. jonathan Says:

    Curse those groovy yet infectious tunes.

  2. Watson Says:

    People always ask me why I like Joey Brezinski so much because I hate all that lame combo shit. But I do love Brezinski. He just looks really good when he combos, and he’s been doing it since before it was hot hot hot so I think he’s legit. Plus he’s fucking hilarious. I back Bucky 100%

    But that is the worst fucking song choice. WAY worse than TCB for Eli Reed. You know how many shitty You Tube kids have used that song for their videos already? Transworld should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Skate Nazi Says:

    Yep, horrible, horrible music choice but JoJo is rad nonetheless.
    I definitely agree with the title of your post.
    Their over saturation in skate videos and recently seeing their shitty live show with a bunch of 16 year olds drove the point home for me. Like, really drove it home. With authority.

  4. mort goldman Says:

    They would have been better off using a shitty lady gaga song than that MGMT song

  5. theProgram Says:

    i know i’m late, but let’s not forget that ol’ bucky did a front blunt backside 360 kickflip pop over in that part too. not the excessively wordy/high-character count type trickery you’re talking about, but pretty damn impressive nonetheless.

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