Bobby Worrest: Time to Die

Bobby Worrest had buddies who died face-down in the muck so that you and I can enjoy this internet blog website

Not so long ago, I went a-shopping and came up on a copy of the old PitCrew video “Where I’m From” being offered for the princely sum of $5, so I figured, what the fuck–pretty awesome DC effort with parts from Jake Rupp and Darren Harper, not as good as “Pack a Lunch,” but what is. What hit me most about this vid was that Bobby Worrest was in full-on snotnosed fashion, a skinny little kickflippin’ handrailin’ SOB that I barely recognized, accustomed as I am to the macrobrew-swilling tattoo merchant nowadays beloved by the Gonz. It was sort of like wandering into the corner bar in your hometown and seeing the little neighbor kid all puffed up and red-faced, nursing a tequila sunrise, except if you were in the nation’s capital and possessed a functional time machine along with some flannel.

The modern day Bobby Worrest has many advantages. He can dress. You know, he’s got that tech ability but there’s restraint too, when you talk about taking the switch 360 flip to noseslide back to regular. The dude has an eye for overlooked ledge tricks (b/s 180 to switch k-grind), skates at night a lot and has balls enough to do a fakie hardflip on flat, and not even the Bryan Herman-approved kind of hardflip which is all the rage these days. Old(er) school rap is becoming kind of a safe move for skate parts these last couple years but it’s a good look here as there’s a lot of actual street skating in this part, by which we mean longer lines than you’d normally see, which stray beyond the generally accepted format of b/s tailslide 270 shove-it, nollie 360 flip, front blunt bigspin or whatever the Forecast generation’s version of the b/s tail-nollie flip-nosegrind 411 line may be.

Sort of like Silas Baxter Neal, probably Bobby Worrest is at some point in his career where he can keep cranking out parts like this and be good for years, as long as he stays away from those chicken-scratcher grinds on banks. It’s hard to guess at what his ultimate motivation might be. If it’s strippers and beer and weed then his longevity may be secure, as it seems to have worked wonders for Fred Gall, who is rich and famed and well-beloved, in addition to being from New Jersey. Hopefully Worrest’s sponsors will steer his career around stereotype potholes filled with Coors Light and Rambo and shit, but God knows it’s a tough economy out there.

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3 Responses to “Bobby Worrest: Time to Die”

  1. Watson Says:

    I loved Bobby Worrest’s section. I liked Duffell’s, Beach’s and Brezinski’s too, but something about Bobby’s made it feel like the only legit section amidst a bunch of Transworld-cliche sections. A lot had to do with the skating, but also that song was a fucking amazing choice (unlike Brezinski’s). Kool Keith has definitely not been used enough in sections.

    And as far as the switch 360 flip noseslide back to regular: I feel the same way about that trick as you have posted earlier and I have commented earlier agreeing about the 360 flip lipslide. I just get fucking bummed when people go to fakie (regular) on it.

    Skating is about circles. Unless you are Karl Watson, then it’s about conundrums.

  2. carbonite Says:

    Pack a Lunch is so fuckin good man…

  3. camelsarelame Says:

    Thanks for these. I thought bobby definitely was the best out of the video. I also think its great that he does the 360 flip noseslide pop over to the other side on an 8 3/8 inch wide board. the line beginning with the front board pole jam was a highlight.

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