Doin’ the Mud Foot

ABD by Bob Burnquist BTW

In the past BTO has been accused by certain haters and pharisees of favoring lefties, so in a way it’s something that I’m even giving the new goof-heavy TWS vid the time of day. But just as summer wouldn’t be summer without a slick Bonnier Corp. production, summer on the internet wouldn’t be quite as sweet without an undercooked examination said DVD, and hey, it’s another year of free Transworld I guess. I got birdcages to line out here, people.

The danger with evolving into an institution, at least as far as the wonderful world of skateboard videos goes, is the risk of devolving into formula, and TWS definitely has one, with variances depending on who’s behind the lens in any given year. So it’s worth noting what “RFF” does in terms of coloring outside the lines laid down by Evans*, Hunt, et al–mostly a slim 35-minute runtime that again dispenses with the voiceovers (best move TWS vids have made in the last six years, besides filming Richard Angelides) and most of the bum footage. This time around the Holland/Ray duo leave the dusty 70’s roadhouse rock in favor of a color-splashed perpetual motion machine similar to the one that powered Nike’s “Debacle” vid, but with a little more of a retro 80’s feel. One personal highlight was the intro’s opening synth line, which had me thinking for a hot second that “RFF” would dare to be stupid, though these hopes were soon dashed like so many Weird Al Grammy dreams.

The skating I was more mixed on. Kellen James is definitely sipping on that I-can-fuck-with-Koston juice, and who knows, maybe he can these days. There’s credit to be given to dudes who see the classical appeal in switch k-grinding handrails and his nollie bigspin backside tailslide is mean; also liked how he got all Kyle Leeper on those pavilion blocks and the round-the-way switch noseblunt. Nice part with the perfect first-section song, and while there’s only so many frontside shoves out of backside lipslides that the world needs, the world is Kellen James’ oyster right now as far as skateboard tricks go, which seems like a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, I forgot to mention before how I was a fan of Joey Brezinski’s 180 switch manual-body varial line.

Fun historical analogues in the montage, not limited to Slash’s Bartman tee–Dan Peterka comes out of retirement for a mondo kink boardslide and Theotis Beasley touches down on a backside double heelflip, and while I’m sure somebody somewhere has done one since the heady days of “Big Pants Small Wheels,” I’ll be durned if I’ve seen one personally. At a certain point though I start thinking that this is an album that would’ve made a better EP, and that point is Corey Duffel, who to me always looks like he’s posing for an Alternative Press pull-out poster; his brand of punk rawk has a kind of calculatedness that’s summed up really well in the credits-footage bluntslide, where he knocks some loosened knobs off a ledge and scatters them in front of the camera, just so. We’ll note for the record the progressive aspects of this section (sports jerseys, hugging Cameron Boutte), give props to the backside tailslide, note that adding nosegrabs generally does not make a trick compelling, and move along.

Recently unretired Matt Beach is quite different, in a few different ways. I don’t know what his ass is shaped like for instance, and I feel a bit bad that this part didn’t much move me… even in his Firm heyday I wasn’t a terribly big fan of the Beach, but I am glad he’s back, because it’s another notch in the altruistic column for Nike Inc. and I think skateboarding right now needs more people with his type of mindset in general. Good tricks were the switch tailslide switch kickflip, the ice powerslide and that frontside blunt pop to fakie, and it’s cool that this dude can come out of the wilderness and bust Jimmy Carlin ledge tricks if he wants to. Nice but lengthy song too, although the last trick is worth the wait and one for the books, whatever those are and wherever they’re kept.

*Slow-mo headstand kid was a definite shout-out

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13 Responses to “Doin’ the Mud Foot”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    What the hell were they thinking with the montage song?

    And I think TWS missed the memo about people skating in shorts.

  2. clug Says:

    Thought the video looked sloppy and kind of directionless. Hated the bit in duffels part where they were filming the other skaters encouraging him during the middle of a line. rank.

    Kellen James and Beach left me with a big smile though.

  3. Vitis Says:

    He called Stevie a TRASHY NIGGER. Unforgivable, forever.

  4. OSS in CT Says:

    Vitis—he was goaded into it by the Bullys of Big Brother, and he was just a kid all those years ago. Get the hell over it, you immature mook.

  5. Captain planet Says:

    Vitis – Yeah I hear white kids say nigger all the time. Its pretty common now. Get over it. And if you dont like it, take it up with hip-hop.

  6. Barry Norman Says:

    I thought the Duffel part worked out well…and that cut to encouragement in a line seemed to be TWS actually having a laugh – did you not notice the entire outfit change?

    Sadly Matt Beach bores in this. I hate that I feel that way.

    Thank fuck they got rid of the intro speech guff. Now I can leave a TWS video on when my non-skate mates are over and not feel like a douche.

  7. Vitis Says:

    I have the interview right here:

    “So are you out there having sex?

    No, I have a girlfriend who I have been dating for like two years, so, you know, stuff goes on. She’s cool, like she is really into music and everything.

    Does she think, because you look like a girl sometimes, she’s having lesbian sex?

    No, some nigger called us lesbians before.

    What did you just say?

    We were sitting in Wendy’s once, and some nigger comes up to us, like, “Hey, Lesbians, get down on your knees and give me some blowjobs right now.” That’s the only time she has ever felt like a lesbian. He was like some trashy nigger like Stevie Williams, like gold fronts, like sketchy and had a pistol in his pocket, so I pretty much had to listen to whatever he said, like you don’t want to talk back to him, so that’s the only time she probably felt like a lesbian.

    You think Stevie Williams is a trashy nigger?

    No, I don’t think he’s trashy, all I’m saying is Stevie— no, that guy is not trashy.

    Stevie is my boy, and he’ll smack the shit out of you.

    Yeah, he almost has before. A long time ago at Pier 7, I was trying to do something over the block, and my board shot out and hit Josh Kalis in the knee, and then Josh got all mad at me like, “What are you doing, you stupid-ass white boy? Go back home, you punk rocker,” and then Stevie’s like, “What do we got over here? What’s this little wigger up to?” He called me a stupid white boy, and I was like, “I’m sorry.” Like Stevie, like I would never talk trash to that guy.

    You just did.”

    How was he goaded into saying it? Plus there’s an extensive rant about menacing gay dudes with a switchblade.

  8. clew Says:

    Free Corey Duffel! I’ve said soooo much stupid shit in my life and I’ve done fucked up things, just like everyone else! I’m black too, just to say…and Brandon Turner did a backside double heelflip about 2 years ago…

  9. Vitis Says:

    yeah, he was a stupid fuckin’ kid, and never should have been handed all these opportunities while lots of rippers get slept on. when the interview came out, he had another one in thrasher a month later, backpedaling and blaming chris nieratko. cmon.

  10. theProgram Says:

    glad i’m not the only one who found beach utterly boring. and that i’m not the only one that feels bad saying it. what the hell was that ollie no foot slow mo shit?

  11. Stevie Says:

    You just need to do you.

  12. art hellman Says:

    Nature Trail to Hell in 3D

  13. handerson Says:

    was ‘the mudfoot’ in the soundtrack? i prefer ‘buckwild’ on the same album. wait was ‘Mudfoot’ on Diabolical or Pick’n Boogers?

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