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Some great street skating photos from the Brockman issue of Thrasher, chronicling the Santa Cruz/Creature “Saints & Sinners” tour, great to the point I had a hard time choosing which one to poorly scan and post up. I’ve been a Sid Melvin fan, but docked him some points when he started wearing fedoras and went all-in on the urban creative movement. However he’s soldiered through a knee injury and this multi-material wallride is too lifted to ignore. Meanwhile the below Mikey Curtis ollie evoked a serious “holy shit” upon turning the page. Some Indianapolis local may well bring it to our attention that this bar is only three feet high or something (in turn revealing Mikey Curtis as a next-gen Pancho Moler) but whatever the case, it’s a pretty big boost. This issue of Thrasher has a lot of other great pics actually – a massive switch b/s tail from Flipper Rodrigo Teixeira, a really awesome Spitfire ad that features a powerful Peter Hewitt gap to backside lipslide, and even a shot of Mike McGill in what appear to be, yes, brown cords.

Oh and in the text department, Windsor James offers some bro-level advice for travel comfort:
Man Lean
That’s the buds. Tave, Reyes, or Sierra usually. It’s only on planes or on a long van ride. We steal a pillow from the hotel and get the fucking snugs going. You fold the pillow in half and put it in the middle of the seats on the plane. The pillow expands into a little triangle, and then we’re all fitted up and can go to sleep. Then you do the man lean. It’s like if we were at war or something and you had to stand up and sleep at the same time, that’s how you’d be sleeping. Fucking get the fader lean on. If you had a pillow at the bar, you’d do the same thing. If your homie was fucked up too, you’d be like “just chill–lean real quick with this pillow.”

Anyway, yeah, the Curtis photo:


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7 Responses to “Blast Em”

  1. Rocuronium Says:

    The McGill ad/photo was noteworthy for its desperate lameness. The angle of the photo & layout of text are a sad attempt to hide the fact that he’s skating what appears to be a 3-4 foot tranny. It’s also sad because it tries to “market” the inventor of the McTwist as a tech/street skater with Cardiel wrist steez and Svitak’s t-shirt. What’s that trick supposed to be, a madollie? A no-comply roll-in?
    I fear it might only be a fakie to staple-gun, a trick which should only be done tongue-in-cheek and 12th beer-in-hand.

  2. david Says:

    “get the fucking snugs going” – HAHAHA

  3. DamnDanMan Says:

    i think that windsor wouldve done well to call no homo

  4. Justin Says:

    It made tha tap and I’ve been looking at it awhile, but what the hell is McGill doing in that photo? It looks like when the Skateboard Mag runs a slam or bail full page, only they are doing it as a joke.

  5. clew Says:

    There’s nothing better than a gnarly ollie. That shit has “broken board” written all over it. Nice…

  6. smorales Says:

    mikey curtis is coming up.

  7. tubbs Says:

    its no joke.this bump to bar has been looked at for years.mikey actually was skating this with devin appello, and devin ollied it first,then mikey “backed” him up. devin then wanted to tucknee or 180 it. then the boot was given.i only wanted to give a little insight on the session though. photos good.spots no joke. and devin and mikey did it back to back.

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