Brick Squad

The power of Steve Durante’s switch frontside heelflip compels you to go skating this weekend. Via this Slap “Foto” feature

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5 Responses to “Brick Squad”

  1. john Says:

    fuuuuuuck yeah. first comment i’ve ever left on your blog after almost a year of following it, but this got me hyped. i’m gonna go learn a trick today.

  2. clew Says:

    Don’t worry about the underground, Durante is just buttery, in a 90’s- Jason Dill way…

  3. penis-hole, CA Says:

    that cat is all raw in all the best parts. style, pop and spots. his Inhabitants and Mohicans parts are golden.

  4. art hellman Says:

    so rad. I feel like no one skates like “this” anymore…

  5. OaklandPete Says:

    Steve is like what Fred Gall should have become. Or maybe I’m thinking of Wenning being what Fred Gall should have become. Either way.

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