Rushing Elephants

The psychedelic Walt Disney reference so nice we used it… again

There was, and probably still is, a certain breed of skateboarder that works second-shift assembly line jobs, gets evicted from cheap apartments, and remain a crucial part of the skating DNA as far as flying the “office job never” flag. Whether or not this demographic still exists, future “buy a vowel” T-Eddy contender Ben Skrzypek totally looks the part in “God Save the Label,” whilst generally skating much faster than you’d expect, with some validity to the Rob Welsh comparison on several of these ride-aways (like the fakie flip b/s nosegrind), and it’s good to see a dude on the make who’s not caught up in the outfit wars. We are partial to the switch frontside heelflip over the rail, the backside flip over the hydrant, and the cracked ender that looks like it took some balls to ride out.

Whereas Skrzyp6qrxpek rarely shifts from a black tee motif, Adam Alfaro has something like a desert-dweller/GY!BE thing going, in some ways seeming like he’s lightened up for his part in this video: colorful socks and some loopy spots with a comparatively bouncy song and those effortless kickflips. The carve-around ditch kicker thing looks like a snowboard spot, and pretty fun. But if you’re short on spots, or buy into Chet Childress’s story about a bad recession ruining his scheme to frontside grind the Taj Mahal, you could do worse than film a one-spot video part at the ever-mutating Burnside, and the harebrained hillbilly is probably among the better-suited types to pull such a thing off. He’s adopted Portland as a hometown of sorts now, and while he could possibly claim Canada after pushing a Wu-Tang sample for his song, the Label benefits from the thematic push forward I think. The part’s full of trademark Chetisms such as the bluntslide pop-out, the 5-0 revert, an eyebrow-raising switch drop-in and some weird disaster sorta stuff.

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6 Responses to “Rushing Elephants”

  1. Rocuronium Says:

    What I like about the Chet part especially is that, judging from the number of outfits, he filmed it over 2-3 sessions.

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. cephalopod Says:

    As long as the Superfriends don’t trick Skrzyp6qrxpek into saying his name backwards he should be fine. If they’re successful he will be sent back to his own dimension.

  4. JNH Says:

    After the 2 posts on it, I’m looking forward to checking out the Label vid.

    I also maintain that Childress has the only funny part in NBTT.

  5. ace Says:

    post script: the ride away following the fs flip over the bench to switch manual has Welsh written (read: spilled, in malt liquor) all over it

  6. evets Says:

    the assembly line working skateboarder exists through and through my friend. even on the skate nerd level. It’s what people who love skateboarding do when they’ve broken out of highschool to immediately having to pay rent and being far removed from any sort of industry.

    and I have more fun skating with these types than johnny flow program going for it on the park rail.

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