Rock and Hammer

More are bound to suffer

A few weeks back I loaded up the Rocky Norton “Mag Minute” because I thought he had a funny-sounding name and his clip might be interesting, and it was, but first let’s flash back to 2002, when the wounds of September 11 were still raw, the presidency was just a twinkle in Sen. Barack Obama’s eye and future SOTY Chris Cole was leaping his way down the Love park fountain, into a tighter set of jeans and onto Zero. Late in the summer, on a night much like tonight, I remarked to a bro how I was kind of digging Chris Cole’s part in the TWS vid “In Bloom” but there was something I couldn’t put my finger on about it, and after a certain amount of muddled discussion, it seemed as though that something was in fact the size of Chris Cole’s forearms, which at times seemed to resemble some type of heshed-out ape.

Flashing forward to 2009, that phrase is not one I would apply to Rocky Norton, mostly because I prefer not to take my pancake breakfasts through a straw and also I hope one day to teach my many, many awestruck grandchildren about the glory days of skateboard blogging in the early part of the century. Let’s try and think of a more noble analog for New Mexico’s Norton – he can have his pick of Popeye or Bluto – and draw a parallel to a 2007 video part, namely Fred Gall in “Inhabitants.” There’s some similar ideas going on in terms of tricks and terrain, yeah, but I’m thinking more about the construction digger machine gnawing into a brick wall, an image that fit Fred Gall, but now appears made for Rocky Norton. Same with Eric Koston’s trick in the Lakai intro, complete with soul scream.

In the ensuing weeks the Mag Minute footage remains on my mind, leading me to dig up some older parts* and consider this dude’s approach. In some ways it’s like Mike Vallely without all the beards and bands and bullshit, but then he’s nollie backside flip reverting and bashing walls and things, primed to tear apart phone books and put on some David Banner CDs. I think I’m pretty into the raw powerness of it all and will give the dude some elbow room; meanwhile I’m considering a belated apology to Chris Cole, before he becomes enraged and targets my face with a contest closer (2:41).

*also Daniel Lutheran, not bad

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10 Responses to “Rock and Hammer”

  1. Rocuronium Says:

    Brewce Martin is the greatest muscle bound skater ever, all heart also. Same with Red.
    What about Roskopp? Wasn’t he real muscley?

  2. pilot light Says:

    Or Dave Metty?

  3. Mostly Says:

    It was always Chris Cole’s big legs stuffed into those tight pants that stuck out to me as “that something.”

  4. bujiwam Says:

    Oh god, I laughed out loud multiple times because of this post. That first sentence may just be the best thing you have ever written.

    Mostly – “Chris Cole’s big legs stuffed into those tight pants that stuck out to me as “that something.”” – classic!

  5. DamnDanMan Says:

    both parts set to Bob Dylan. hmmm weird. I just watched No Direction Home last night too

  6. Watson Says:

    Oh my god, I can’t watch that shit. It’s disgusting! Besides the muscles, what’s with the white flashes randomly in clips and overlapping landings? GROSS!

    I do appreciate how well you matched the picture in the post to the one in the video though. That must have taken some work. What did you google image search? “Holding up rock?”

  7. Vitis Says:

    It all very much reminded me of Mike V in Label Kills.

  8. bujiwam Says:

    Who is this Daniel Lutheran kid and why doesn’t get more coverage. He is sick as fuck.

  9. Captain Knutsen Says:

    Best post in a while, Boiler of Oceans/Pilot of light. Nails. Bolts.

  10. biscuit Says:

    bill tocco.

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