Hey, At Least It Wasn’t Plan B


Am I right, guys

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22 Responses to “Hey, At Least It Wasn’t Plan B”

  1. jamesyo Says:

    there really wasn’t any other company he would have fit in as well though.

  2. Eman Says:

    Waiting for someone to interview him and get the straight dope. I’ve heard rumors regarding his footy from Barcelona not being used to Henry not getting enough respect, etc. Dig Kalis but don’t dig DGK, but if it means more footage of him, then it can’t be all bad.

  3. mort goldman Says:

    could anyone see him on element? once you get on you turn into a robot anyways…

  4. mort goldman Says:

    er… a tree

  5. akoi Says:


  6. camelsarelame Says:

    I feel sort of weird because I feel completely indifferent to this news.

  7. Rocuronium Says:

    As camelsarelame implies, I’m puzzled, and disappointed, by this post.
    I’d been waiting a long time for a new entry (but as a new father myself, understanding of the delay) and was intrigued when the title and photo popped up on my browser.
    I was anticipating one or more of the following: a) a refutation to my poorly informed opinion that JK’s career contributions to skateboarding don’t have much historical significance, 2) that he has some video parts worth re-visiting, 3) that his move to a team associated with haggard rap/ghetto/gangsta/grills/rims/bling & that horrible reebok skate shoe line could be considered better than planB in any way.
    Maybe the lack of any of the above confirms my poorly informed opinion after all.

  8. Captain planet Says:

    meh, whatevs…

  9. julianjason Says:

    your right….who cares im happy for him…its a good thing

  10. art hellman Says:

    really? surprised to hear so many are so “ehhh”

    Kalis remains one of the few professional skateboarders out there with some actual personality in his skating. It’s pretty weird to think of him not on Alien anymore, but then again, Alien really isn’t the same “Alien” anymore.

    And yes, I agree, at least it isn’t Plan B.

  11. sirj skateboarding Says:

    i could see him on chocolate, they need another token white dude over there to balance out the latino flavor

  12. will Says:

    balance out the latino flavor at chocolate? they still have more white dudes on the team than anyother race. 5 white guys, 4 latin guys, 1 black, 1 asian. but yes, i agree kalis would have been rad on there.

    …but, at least there may be some more stevie and kalis magic again.

  13. julianjason Says:

    2 asians in chocolate…both kenny anderson and daniel castillo are asian…the team has flavor no doubt

  14. smorales Says:

    good thing my workshop tramp stamp is slowly fading away.

  15. art hellman Says:

    admendment: It would have been amazing if he really shook things up and went back to Toy Machine. He and Trappasso could build that brand back up.

  16. the hungover ghost of dash snow Says:

    who’s josh KAlis? Doesnt he play baseball for someone?

  17. dylan Says:

    i have the urge to go watch timecode now..

  18. Janky Says:

    Here’s an interview:


  19. footjob Says:

    yall dgk haters are racist

  20. Rudy Says:

    Race isn’t anywhere near the subject here- DGK just sucks. I’ve only seen confused white kids with their product.

  21. ageofconsent Says:

    this is awesome, kalis and stevie williams have been homies forever, im glad he switched over to DGK, alien is wack, alien is owned by burton snowboards, kalis is right in riding for a REAL skateboard company like DGK which is owned and ran by skateboarders

  22. John Says:

    espn got the scoop, weird

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