Knights of the Round


On the topic of magazines and striking photos of old guys, the November 2009 Skateboarder probably has already caught your eye if you are a fan of pool gnarldom in general, Lance Mountain in particular, or the florescent row of the Crayola 64 box. We here are fans of course and looking forward to his part in the Flip video (with a pair of earplugs or “Cuban Linx 2” within reach), but when it comes to Skateboarder throwback covers, I feel compelled to see Lance and raise him a purple Lambo re: the 1997 comeback issue below. Both dudes Flip riders at one point; if I remember right the plunge took place in front of a cop shop and was not landed, which if you think about it long enough might serve as a decent metaphor for Bam Margera’s career as a whole. He still skates right? Just his driveway though? We need a “Bam’s Park Footy ’09” in the tradition of Chet Childress’s recent Burnsidesploitation, except at FDR and with more scarves and top hats, for real.


Also on the topic of magazines: shouts to Eric Stricker, hopefully he got to see the footage of that Lance Mountain trick, even if it wasn’t his magazine.

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7 Responses to “Knights of the Round”

  1. reallydoh Says:

    Bam wasn’t ever on Flip. He wanted on, but never happened.

  2. clew Says:

    Lance is fucking legit. I’m 35, it’s awesome to see Hawk, Gonz, Grosso, even Andy Mac and those shoes still getting big time coverage. Bam leads the list of guys who fell off for no reason…Stanton, Muska, Maldonado, Kareem…these guys used to get so much coverage, now you may see an ad a year, go figure, i wish i could be that good!

  3. Roger Says:

    That was such a good issue of Skateboarder. The trip to Morocco with Steve Olsen, Donny Barley and Geoff Rowley was memorable, no footage, just photos.

  4. crack pasta Says:

    dude, that is a very legit photo. seriously spit out some beer when i saw that

  5. SoufCack Says:

    I’ll admit, i’m a little green being on the east coast, but, have there been covers that were not landed? I thought the powers that be only showed us the goods. sheesh, I feel like a fool…

  6. art hellman Says:


  7. ben Says:

    is it just me or does lance mountain bear a striking resemblance to one michael scott of The Office?

    im thinking an episode with lance as his stunt double, but that’s just me

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