Return of the Search Terms


Haven’t done one of these in a while, but, here’s the most recent assortment of internet* searches that led seekers to these fine shores…

-dyrdek secretary pics
-names of fish found in the ocean
-burberry shorts (old standby)
-crazy explosion
-when the sea boils blog
-jereme rogers smokes weed
-tk bulletproof vest
-skatebook out of business
-antwuan dixon is fucked up
-JR Blastoff “goodbye skateboarding”
-coloring pages of tech deck flameboy
-kevin spanky long skate fashion
-big daddy kane, nude
-why did muska leave shortys
-mine giant truck
-ice cream shoes board flip 2
-stop or my mom will shoot

*or, intranet

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5 Responses to “Return of the Search Terms”

  1. sebcarayol Says:

    May I invite myself? What led to my desolated shores lately :
    – world rarest techest tech deck
    – funny graphic depiction of human life cy
    – josiah gatlyn stupid
    – what did the animal heads on human figur
    – kid water

  2. clew Says:

    Go ahead and save the Dyrdeyk-secretary…best skateboard-related item i’ve seen since Rosa.

  3. camelsarelame Says:

    kevin spanky long skate fashion!

  4. nah! Says:

  5. SoufCack Says:

    I like how “semen grafitti” is followed by “kevin spanky long.” Internet searches…..

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