Oy Flips?


The Buffalo, NY dirtbag with the toilet-centric onomatopoeia surname, Dan Plunkett, now does his thing for Skate Mental boards, which you could take any number of ways. It does reinforce certain shadowy conspiracy theories around Staba’s stacking of the squad with Nike endorsers, which we’ve ruminated on in the past, sure. But the above pic has me curious if we’re also seeing a new front in the war on 360 flip form – the antithesis of YWS’s hated “yo flip”?

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8 Responses to “Oy Flips?”

  1. Crabs Says:

    Youwillsoon sucks now.

  2. jonathan Says:

    I’d like to see the sequence.

  3. Watson Says:

    Better be careful with the Josiah bashing. If you’re too mean to you he’ll comment on your blog and continue to comment on your blog being completely polite the whole time no matter how mean you are.

    (PS Youwillsoon totally sucks now.)

  4. .. Says:

    isnt he from south carolacka

  5. tim Says:

    saddens me that plunkett left traffic but i’m sure his checks are alot bigger now and he’ll have more exposure in the industry or whatever. hopefully this means more footage of him will get released, i always want to see more of the dude that never raises his arms when he skates.

  6. Tommy Says:

    A West coast board company doesn’t necessary mean more money. Though I don’t think many skaters on Traffic get money at all….

  7. spod Says:

    > Youwillsoon sucks now.
    hahahahah, solid work, dickflop…

  8. SoufCack Says:

    Dan rips.

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